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All university employees (faculty/staff or student workers) who become injured as a result of a work related injury/illness may be eligible to receive workers' compensation benefits through the State Bureau of Workers' Compensation. Under workers' compensation, an injured worker may receive medical benefits, possible indemnity for loss wages or permanent total disability and/or death benefits.

In order to qualify, the aforementioned forms must be completed in a timely manner (preferably within 24 hours) and submitted to the Campus Safety Department. In order to ensure that your medical provider is certified to manage workers' compensation claims, you must first contact the Campus Safety Director for information on approved medical providers.

In incidents involving serious injuries that require immediate emergency intervention, workers' may go to the medical provider (hospital, trauma center, urgent care center, etc.) as necessary to provide immediate care. Supervisory personnel should notify the Campus Safety Department of the injury immediately, so an investigation may be conducted. Forms can be completed at a latter time.

When responding to a medical provider under workers' compensation, employees must provide information relative to the MCO (Managed Care Organization) that the university contracts with. The MCO works with the State Bureau of Workers' Compensation and is responsible for managing the claim and ensuring that bill payment is completed. Currently, our MCO is as follows:

CompManagement Health Systems, Inc.
P.O. Box 1040
Dublin, OH 43017
Customer Service #(1-888-247-7799)

Contact the Campus Safety Department for further information!