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Who can carry a concealed handgun on the Cedarville University campus?

Permanent full-time faculty or staff with valid Ohio concealed carry licenses and trustees with valid reciprocity may carry concealed handguns on campus only after completing the application/orientation process and receiving written permission from the President. In addition, commissioned peace officers, as defined by Ohio law, may also carry firearms.

Is open carry allowed on campus?

No. Only concealed carry is allowed for approved employees and trustees.

Can campus visitors (parents, alumni, contractors, others) concealed carry on campus?

No. Only approved permanent full-time faculty, staff, or trustees are allowed to carry after completing the application/orientation process and receiving written permission from the President.

What factors are considered in order to receive permission?

Persons requesting approval to concealed carry on campus must be in good standing with the University and have no history that would call into question fitness or judgment. Internal approvals for employees are required from their vice president, University Human Resources, Campus Security, the Vice President for Business, and the President.

If I qualify under the policy, what is the process to concealed carry at Cedarville?

Employees seeking to concealed carry should request approval by completing the request form. After receiving preliminary approvals, they are required to attend a concealed carry orientation session. Final approval to carry will only come after both the applicant and the President sign off on the Cedarville University Concealed Carry Authorization Agreement. Individuals having permission to carry on campus must attend periodic orientation as required by Campus Security. Failure to attend these meetings may result in suspension of approval to carry concealed until orientation is completed.

Are students allowed to concealed carry on campus?

No graduate or undergraduate students will be allowed to carry unless they also serve as permanent full-time faculty or staff and are not living as a student in the residence halls. Approved Resident Directors living in student housing units are allowed to carry.

Can I find out who is approved to concealed carry?

Cedarville University will not make public the names of those approved to carry on campus unless required by lawful order or for University administrative purposes.

Where is concealed carry not allowed on campus?

The concealed carry of handguns is prohibited in the following areas:

  1. Where counseling, disciplinary, or termination meetings or hearings are being conducted (unless the individual conducting the meeting is authorized, in which event, he or she is permitted to concealed carry).
  2. Those areas in which professional physical and/or mental health services are provided (unless the individual conducting the meeting is authorized, in which event, he or she is permitted to concealed carry). This prohibition includes not only traditional patient care facilities, but also research labs and other research areas where and when, as part of a research program, patient care is delivered by or under the supervision or direction of a licensed healthcare provider.
  3. Where the discharge of a firearm might cause great harm, such as laboratories with extremely dangerous chemicals, biologic agents, or explosive agents.
  4. Areas with equipment that is incompatible with metallic objects.
  5. Where state or federal law, licensing requirements, or contracts require exclusion solely at the discretion of the state or federal government.

What should I do if I see an employee or trustee carrying a concealed handgun and want to verify that they are approved to concealed carry on campus?

Contact Campus Security (999 from a campus phone or 937-239-6491 from a non-campus phone) and they will follow up as needed.

If you witness an active shooter situation, implement “Run, Hide, Fight” response:

Call 911 as soon as it is safe, but secure yourself before calling.

  1. Run – evacuate the building or section of building where you are located as rapidly as possible when you first learn of the threat, as long as it is safe for you to do so without exposing yourself to further harm. You can exit through the exterior doors or consider using windows if necessary, by breaking your way out. Strike window glass at the top or bottom corners. Leave your belongings behind. Keep your hands visible if you see law enforcement or rescue personnel in the area. Move as far away from the threat as possible.
  2. Hide – if you are unable to evacuate or you are located in another building away from the immediate threat, then you should go into lockdown. This is accomplished by going to a securable room and locking yourself inside by barricading the doors with desks, tables, chairs, file cabinets, or any other object that can prevent or slow down entry by a perpetrator. Turn off the lights and turn down your cell phones. Pull shades on the windows, if applicable, and remain quiet. Do not huddle together in one location.
  3. Fight – if all else fails and as a last resort, attempt to stop the perpetrator by any means necessary. You can throw items at him to cause a distraction. Strike the person with chairs, discharge a fire extinguisher at him, or wrestle him to the floor. Act with physical aggression and commit yourself to your actions.

Contact Campus Security

Cedarville University
Campus Security
251 N. Main St
Cedarville, OH 45314

Office Location: Steven Students Center upper level near the Information Desk

Office - 937-766-7992
On campus (24/7) - 999*
Off campus (24/7) - 937-239-6491

*Important Notice:

911 should be contacted directly for any police, fire, or emergency medical situation demanding immediate intervention