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As an Institution of Higher Learning there is a need to balance the accessibility and use of facilities with the need to provide a safe and secure campus. The Campus Security Access Control Department provides access through the use of both mechanical (locks and keys) as well as electronic access control systems in order to maintain the appropriate level of security. It is our goal to reduce the amount of master and sub-master keys that are issued as much as possible and utilize electronic access as an alternative method of entry.

Proprietary Statement

All locks, keys, electronic access cards (ID cards) and systems are the sole property of Cedarville University. The University reserves the right to change locks, keys and access levels as needed. No one may place a lock on any university facility, interior or exterior, without the permission of the Campus Security Access Control Department. All keys and access control cards (ID cards) must be returned to the university upon termination of employment or enrollment as a student.

Key Issuance

Faculty and Staff:

  • May be issued keys and electronic access to University facilities based upon the need and subject to approval from the appropriate vice president, department chairperson, or director/manager.
  • The supervisor should submit a Request Additional Key(s) or Electronic Door Access form. All requests are subject to final approval from the Campus Security Access Control Department.
  • Faculty/staff who are issued keys as part of their job requirements should keep them in a secure location.
  • Non-University personnel, vendors, and contractors will not be issued keys on a permanent basis. They may be authorized to sign keys out from Campus Security on a daily basis as necessary.


  • All on-campus students residing in a residential facility are issued a key to access their unit and/or room at the beginning of the academic school year for the fall semester or for those starting in the spring semester.
  • Keys for certain campus facilities issued to students for employment reasons, participation in certain organizations, or other possible legitimate purposes must be authorized by the responsible faculty member or department head.
  • The authorizing party and key user both share responsibility for the issuance, use and return of these keys at the end of each academic semester or school year.
  • It is not the practice of the university to issue master-level keys to students unless they are using the keys as part of their employment or other legitimate purpose and returning them after each use.

Lost or Stolen Keys

  • All lost or stolen keys must be promptly reported to the Campus Security Access Control Department.
  • Missing keys should be reported by filling out the Report a Missing Key form.
  • Information must be reported on the facts surrounding the loss; in particular, the location of the loss, whether any Cedarville University identifiers were attached to the key, and the area the key accessed.
  • Based on these factors, the Campus Security Access Control Department will make a decision to replace the key or require the lock to be changed.
  • Resident students who find a lost key that has already been replaced can return it to the Campus Security Access Control Department for a reduction of the lost key charge to $15, if the key is returned before the end of that semester. The key must be in the possession of the Campus Security Access Control Department by the last day of the semester in order to receive the cost reduction.
  • All costs incurred, such as labor and parts for re-keying, will be assumed by the department where the employee is currently working or was working in. Individual departments may request reimbursement from these employees. In the case of students, charges will be made against their student account.
  • Contractors/vendors who lose assigned keys will be financially accountable for the costs of keys and any lock changes required.

Charges for lost or stolen keys are as follows:

  1. Lost, late, non-returned residence hall key – $70
  2. Stolen residence hall key – $70
    Returned resident hall lost key – $15
  3. Lost, late, non-returned administrative key – $70*
  4. Stolen administrative key – $70*

* Additional charges may be added for lock replacement. These costs may vary based on the number of offices/areas affected by the loss.

Note: Key fines are nonrefundable

Return of Keys

  • Upon termination of a relationship with the University, employees and students must return their key(s) to the Campus Security Access Control Department.
  • Keys should not be transferred from a departing employee to a new employee by the department where they were working.
  • Students must not transfer their room keys to another student moving into their room without returning it first to the Campus Security Access Control Department for reassignment.
  • All room switches must be authorized only through permission of your Resident Director and Associate Dean of Residence Life.
  • All keys issued by Campus Security Access Control Department are the property of Cedarville University and should be returned to the University immediately if found after last day on campus.
  • Keys not returned by the last day on campus can be mailed back to the University in a small padded envelope to:

Cedarville University
Attn: Access Control
251 N Main St
Cedarville, OH 45314

Note: Campus Security Access Control Department is not responsible for keys lost in the mailing process