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Cedarville University is committed to the well-being of students and seeks to cultivate a campus on which organizations, teams, and other University student groups experience community built around the University’s core values. In addition to the University’s commitment to creating community according to our values, hazing is prohibited under Ohio law. The Ohio Anti-Hazing Act, otherwise known as “Collin’s Law,” became effective October 7, 2021. Cedarville University maintains compliance with the requirements of “Collin’s Law.”

Cedarville University Hazing Prevention Policy

Cedarville University seeks to promote an environment where students may participate in activities and organizations in a manner consistent with our core values of Love for God, Love for Others, Integrity in Conduct, and Excellence in Effort. It is therefore the University's policy that hazing is prohibited. View the Hazing Prevention Policy.


Cedarville University provides hazing prevention training that is required of all students, faculty, and staff who participate in an official University organization. The hazing prevention training provides detailed information about hazing, the Ohio law on hazing, and how the Cedarville University community can help foster positive social experiences for students.

Embedded at the end of the training is an opportunity to affirm that the user has read and understood Cedarville University’s policies regarding hazing. A confirmation of completion is also provided via email after successful completion of the module. Please save a copy of your completion documentation for future reference.

Report an Incident of Hazing

If you are aware of an incident of hazing, report the violation by email or phone:


Who must complete the hazing awareness and prevention training?

All students who participate in an official organization of Cedarville University are required by Collin’s Law to complete the Hazing Prevention Training. Likewise, all faculty, staff, and volunteers who oversee, advise, or participate with an official student group of Cedarville University students must complete the Hazing Prevention Training module.

Whose responsibility is it to track the training compliance of organization members?

Each group, organization, or team should appoint an individual to serve as a Hazing Prevention Coordinator to ensure all members complete the Hazing Prevention Training.

When must the training be completed?

The Hazing Prevention Training must be completed prior to a student joining or participating in a student organization.

How often must I complete the training?

The Hazing Prevention Training must be completed on an annual basis.

What role do faculty, staff, and volunteer organization advisors and team coaches have in preventing hazing?

All faculty, staff, and volunteers have an obligation to report incidents reasonably believed to be in violation of the University’s hazing policy. Additionally, faculty, staff, and volunteers who serve in an advisory or oversight role with an official student group are required to complete the Hazing Prevention Training.

Hazing Report

Collin’s Law requires universities to report hazing violations for the last five years. View the Cedarville University report.