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Geology Program Scholarships

Note: This information is valid for new students entering Cedarville in 2009–10.


  • Student must be entering Cedarville as a first-time, full-time student (freshmen or transfer). Preference will be given to freshmen students.
  • Student must register as a Geology major at Cedarville University.
  • Academic criteria.
    1. Strength of high school curriculum
    2. High school GPA
    3. ACT or SAT test scores
  • Leadership ability.
  • Demonstrated financial need will be considered but is not required.


$1,500 per year (up to 5 scholarships available each year)


  • Currently this scholarship is awarded for first-year only.

Of course, you may also qualify for other academic, leadership, or various scholarships offered by Cedarville University. For more information, visit