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Juanita Vertrees Educational Grant

Juanita Vertrees Educational Grant Information


  1. Up to $1000 to be used as seen fit by the recipient in pursuit of higher education, the attainment of ISM certification, or to further their career in supply chain management by attending seminars offered by the local ISM/NAPM affiliate
  2. Payment of membership dues in the ISM/ NAPM Miami-Valley if candidate meets the "hardship membership renewal reimbursement" requirements
  3. Five paid monthly meetings, if not paid by member's employer


  1. Grants are open to current members of NAPM-Miami Valley
  2. Applicant must be a high school graduate or its equivalent
  3. The recipient will be awarded the scholarship for a period of one year and the recipient may re-apply each year thereafter
  4. The recipient of the grant is requested to attend at least 5 of the 8 monthly meetings, with the cost being absorbed by the association if the member's company is not reimbursing the recipient already