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The Military Education Scholarship Program

Are you a current ROTC student? Are you considering enrolling in a university ROTC program next Spring? Then you are eligible to compete for ongoing scholarship offers of up to $1,500 being sponsored by the employees of VA Mortgage

The process and purpose is simple – many ROTC students struggle to meet the financial requirements of pursuing their education, even with the help of financial aid and other scholarship programs. If you’d like to secure more money towards finishing your degree, fill out our brief application and submit a 2-3 page essay answering the question revealed on our website in early October. The deadline to apply for the Spring scholarships is November 12th, and the scholarships will be awarded on November 21st. Learn more and Apply here (

We repeat our scholarship rewards each semester, with the application date for Fall scholarships being in early May. As time goes one, we hope to continue to offer an increasing amount of awards.

Scholarships can be submitted online at or mailed to:

VA Mortgage
Scholarship Program
2101 Chapel Plaza Ct. 
Suite 5
Columbia, MO 65203


Brought to you by the Employees of VA Mortgage

We will be awarding 5 different $1,500 scholarships on November 21st, 2007 to the winning applicants. All current and prospective students are eligible, there are no GPA or ACT/SAT requirements. Applicants will be chosen based on the quality and uniqueness of their essays. For further help in writing your essay see our Essay Guidelines (

Just like our tagline reads, this scholarship program was initiated by a collective agreement of the employees of to contribute to those who do, have, or will end up serving our country. Our company prides itself as a leader in helping veterans and active-duty military to pursue their benefits through the VA Home Loan Program. We work every day with military individuals and their families and the opportunity to help a select few of them pay for college was an opportunity we couldn’t pass up.


Program Contact:
Nathaniel Broughton
Phone # upon request


Current and prospective ROTC program students

Active-duty military personnel with plans to attend college

Honorably Discharged Veterans of the US military

Sons and daughters of Veterans or Active-duty military



$1,500 scholarship (Bi-yearly)