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Preparing Students to Use Nursing as a Ministry for Christ

The goal of the Cedarville University School of Nursing, located in Ohio, is to prepare excellent professionals to use nursing as a ministry for Jesus Christ. Graduates of our Bachelor of Science in Nursing program deliver care from a knowledge base grounded in the Bible, the art and sciences of nursing, the biological and behavioral sciences, and the humanities. Building on that foundation, our Master of Science in Nursing programs with areas of focus in Family Nurse Practitioner, Global Public Health Nursing, and Nurse Educator provide in-depth, professional, and advanced practice study. Two graduate certificates are also available in Global Public Health Nursing and Nursing Education.  At our highly regarded nursing school, students enter programs that are much more than simply learning information and practicing skills. You will also see how your relationship with God directly influences the nursing care you provide.

The faculty of the School of Nursing supports the mission of Cedarville University and the profession of nursing by offering a biblically based baccalaureate nursing program that emphasizes godly living as a foundation for nursing practice grounded in biblical truth.

Bringing Hope and Healing to Nicaragua

Cedarville nursing students spent spring break sharing the love of Christ and offering medical care as part of a CUGO trip to Nicaragua.

Bringing Clean Water to Third-World Countries

Assistant Professor of Nursing, Pete Savard, discusses Global Water Consortium and paddling 444 miles down the Susquehanna river this summer.