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Alumni Spotlight Amanda Minor

Cedarville Alumni Amanda Minor and FamilyNursing is a ministry for Jesus Christ.  This concept was introduced to me while touring Cedarville as a prospective high school student.  During that visit, a seasoned professor gently guided me through Cedarville’s nursing framework, which is founded on Biblical truths and views each person as a unique being with social, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, and physical needs.  That moment still resonates with me and has left a lasting impact on my perception of nursing and ministry.

As I journeyed through my undergraduate education, I became acutely aware of ministry in everyday living. Not only did the professors have a genuine desire to see us succeed as students, but they sought to care for us as individuals as well.  Dedication to their calling was evident, as Cedarville was renown in the community for producing excellent nurses.  The professors worked diligently to help us develop the clinical reasoning and foundational skills necessary for nursing.  We learned to care for all dimensions of the patient, as well as support the family and nursing staff.

Cedarville’s well established relationships provided a preceptor opportunity on my desired unit.  Through the connections formed during that time, God opened the doors to a part-time position on a neighboring nursing unit.  I was blessed to interview and accept the position before graduation commenced.  As a young wife and mother, I maintained a part-time role on that unit for five years while continuing to gain knowledge and build relationships.  During that time, I diversified my interests by dabbling in substitute school nursing and assisting as an adjunct clinical instructor.

Several years of experience built my confidence and aided my transition from novice to competent nurse.  The impending healthcare industry changes encouraged me to pursue an advanced degree in nursing.  During lunch with a Cedarville mentor, she mentioned CU’s advanced practice nursing program.  After comparing and contrasting other local institutions, I returned to Cedarville because I had confidence in their ability to equip quality professionals.  The course work and clinical were certainly rigorous, but worth the challenge.  During the two year Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) program, I formed many friendships and grew immensely in my own self-confidence.  Once again, God used the established relationships to open doors to several employment opportunities prior to graduation.  I am now honored to be working as a FNP alongside a group of physicians who are eager to teach.  Every day is a new experience, and most definitely presents many occasions to use this new role to serve others as a continued ministry for Jesus Christ.

I am thankful to Cedarville for providing a launching pad for where I am today.  By modeling ministry in their daily walks, God helped the professors and staff to place a desire for ministry on my heart and that desire spreads to other aspects of life.  In addition to our professions and family roles, my husband and I are blessed with the opportunities to serve in our local church and as foster parents.