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About the School of Nursing

Mission Statement

The School of Nursing models nursing as a ministry for Christ through education, service, and scholarship resulting in transformed lives. 

B.S.N. Student Learning Outcomes

Godly living

Applies biblical principles to nursing practice and personal growth
  • Demonstrates nursing practice grounded in biblical principles
  • Demonstrates character qualities grounded in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ


Provides safe, effective compassionate, client-centered care to individuals, families, and populations to promote health and prevent disease in all dimensions and across the life span
  • Utilizes evidence-based knowledge to achieve high-quality outcomes
  • Demonstrates ethical commitment and biblical values in all patient care decisions and actions
  • Demonstrates safe practice in all nursing care activities


Integrates the concept of culture into professional nursing practice, the health care system, and the global community
  • Incorporates culturally defined role expectation of the professional nurse within the health care delivery system and the global community
  • Demonstrates the nursing practice that evidences cultural knowledge and competence when working with diverse populations

Information Management

Demonstrates information management skills
  • Displays rigorous and creative thought processes to manage information
  • Effectively utilizes information management and communication strategies to positively influence individuals, families, populations, and health care professionals
  • Uses technologies to assist in effective communication and delivery of care
  • Protects privacy of all individuals in relation to the use of information technology

M.S.N. Student Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the M.S.N. degree, the graduate will:

  • Synthesize a biblical worldview underlying the advanced nursing practice roles and responsibilities.
  • Integrate knowledge from nursing science and related disciplines as a framework for designing, implementing, and evaluating holistic care, educational needs, and program focus.
  • Implement scientific inquiry, evidence-based practice, and scholarly work to evaluate and improve practice and desired outcomes.
  • Demonstrate critical judgement, clinical decision making, and effective communication skills for advanced nursing practice as part of multidisciplinary or educational team within various environmental contexts.
  • Integrate biblical principles into the legal practices and the professional and ethical values essential for advanced nursing practice.
  • Analyze cultural, social, economic, and political perspectives that influence healthcare and advanced nursing practice.
  • Serve as a leader in advancing healthcare through use of best practice models.
  • Demonstrate competence in advanced nursing practice within the specific area of focus: Family Nurse Practitioner, Global Public Heath Nursing, or Nurse Educator.