Kristen Hunsberger

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Kristen Hunsberger, M.A.

Adjunct Instructor of Psychology


Prior to joining Cedarville's faculty as an adjunct instructor in 2016, Mrs. Hunsberger worked in the clinical setting for almost eight years, doing mostly one-on-one counseling ranging from post-traumatic stress issues to depression, eating disorders, anxiety, and everything in between. She also had the privilege of working at an inpatient treatment home for young women and developing day program curriculum for Well of Grace Ministries. She also teaches part time at another local college and enjoys public speaking, presenting at various conferences and events.


Education and Credentials

  • M.A. in Professional Couseling, Liberty University
  • B.A. in Applied Psychology, Cedarville University
  • Limited License Professional Counselor, State of Michigan


She enjoys (foam) sword fighting (and can play the part of Captain Hook quite well) and building lego battlefields with her four awesome boys (Landon, Noah, Everett, and Silas). Her husband, Jonathan, is a super cool business marketing major turned computer programmer and works for a company called ArtPrize. They reside in the Grand Rapids area of Michigan.  

Why I'm at Cedarville: I am so grateful and honored to serve at Cedarville. It was here as a student that I made some of my best friends and found my passion for counseling. God used so many aspects of my Cedarville education as catalyst for His work in my life, that I am truly honored to have the opportunity to give back in any way that the Lord allows me while serving as an adjunct instructor for Cedarville.