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Psychology professor giving a lecture


The psychology department provides an education which prepares students to be active participants in and intelligent consumers of research, to evaluate concepts from a biblical perspective, and to possess pre-professional knowledge and skills in counseling. Students are prepared for successful human service careers in secular milieus as well as biblical counseling in ministry settings.


  • To develop an understanding of biblical content that has psychological impact and to investigate all psychological concepts in the light of scriptural truth.
  • To provide an analysis of the person from the physical, emotional, rational, and spiritual levels.
  • To aid students in their personal adjustment to everyday life through an understanding of human behavior.
  • To prepare students for graduate study in psychology and related areas.
  • To train students desiring to use counseling in vocational ministry in biblical counseling contexts.
  • To introduce students to the work world through internships, Christian ministries, guest lectures, and advisement.
  • To provide courses in psychology necessary for teacher certification.