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Cedarville Magazine engages Cedarville family and friends as we explore compelling topics through a distinctly biblical lens. Subscriptions (three issues a year) are free of charge to alumni and supporters of Cedarville University. 

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Current Issue: Spring 2019 - "Chapel: The Heartbeat of Campus"

Chapel is the heartbeat of a Christian university. Visit Cedarville at 10 a.m. on any weekday, and you’ll see our heart beating strong. You’ll experience 50 minutes filled with life, laughter, faith, songs, tears, power, wisdom, community, and Scripture. Other Christian universities may have allowed chapel to fade from the priority of the busy campus schedule. We have determined to maintain our commitment to a daily gathering required for all undergraduate students. Chapel is the pivot on which each of our students’ 1,000 days on our campus turns. This is the place where we remember who we are as the people of God, joining together to praise Him and learn from His Word, and to build each other up in the faith.

This issue of Cedarville Magazine celebrates the impact of chapel, or more importantly, how God has used this extraordinary hour of the day to transform lives for His glory and Kingdom purposes.

Highlighted Stories from the Spring 2019 Issue

Chapel band during Missions Conference

Chapel: The Heartbeat of Campus

Chapel provides the central place where God works and moves in the hearts and minds of the Cedarville University family.

Students streaming out of Dixon Ministry Center

Life Together

Daily chapel is the cornerstone of Cedarville's campus community.

Chapel has a worldwide audience.

Cedarville and Beyond

Tech advancements take chapel and the Gospel worldwide.

Audience in chapel worshipping with hands raised.

Memorable Moments

Students attend hundreds of chapel services during their 1,000 days at Cedarville. Sometimes, however, God uses a particular message in a deep, meaningful way to speak to an individual student.

Dr. White speaking in chapel.

Chapel: Platform for Presidents

Cedarville University presidents have prioritized daily chapel. They have maintained its importance in campus life.

Students chaplains meeting with Jon Wood, vice president of student life & Christian ministries and Aaron Cook, director of discipleship ministries.

Training Ground

Faculty and staff intentionally invest in student chaplains to grow them as skilled communicators, but more than that, to help them have a maturing, transformative walk with Christ.

Chapel during worship

In Closing: Chapel Changed My Life

Within a couple days on campus, God used Chapel to transform this year's senior class president forever.

Alumnotes, Spring 2019

"Alumnotes features special information for Cedarville University alumni and their updates, including professional news, weddings, births, and obituaries. Alumnotes is included as an insert in Cedarville Magazine for alumni recipients. As always, you may interact with this content online as well."

Archive: Fall 2018 Issue

"To the Ends of the Earth"

Cedarville Magazine Fall 2018

Alumnotes, Fall 2018

Alumnotes features special information for Cedarville University alumni and their updates, including professional news, weddings, births, and obituaries. Alumnotes is included as an insert in Cedarville Magazine for alumni recipients. As always, you may interact with this content online as well.

Cedarville Alumnotes Fall 2018

Highlighted Stories From the Fall 2018 Issue

Cedarville University nursing student holding a Honduran baby.

President's Perspective - Fall 2018 Cedarville Magazine

At Cedarville University, students are strongly encouraged to serve on a short-term missions team before they graduate, taking the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the ends of the earth.

Why Missions?

Missions is part of the DNA of Cedarville University. Dr. Matt Bennett, assistant professor of missions and theology, explores three key reasons why missions is so important to Cedarville.

Cedarville University and University of Costa Rica women's soccer teams

Global Outreach Summer Diary

All summer, Cedarville teams have traveled north, south, east, and west to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ through sports, vacation Bible schools, and youth camps. Relive the faith journey of some of our short-term teams in this Summer Diary.

Cedarville University students praying in the lobby at the Clark County Jail in Springfield, Ohio.

The Great Commission Next Door

Last year, 451 students through 38 local ministries reached beyond campus to make a Gospel impact on Cedarville, Springfield, Dayton, and other local communities. These student-servants impacted the lives of African refugee children, fellow college students on neighboring campuses, inmates in local jails, and countless others.

Cedarville University students playing with kids attending an Inner City Impact program in Chicago.

Multiplying Urban Discipleship

For more than 30 years, Cedarville has cultivated a relationship with Inner City Impact (ICI), a program for children and teens in Chicago. Each year, Cedarville sends a team of students to support ICI’s ongoing ministry to at-risk youth. For some of these students, what begins as a short-term trip develops into long-term city ministry.

Cedarville University student helping at The Luke Commission in Eswatini (Swaziland), Africa.

Short-Term Teams, Long-Term Impact

Since 1971, Missions Involvement Service/Global Outreach teams have visited 96 countries, bringing the Gospel, sharing hope, engaging culture, and ministering to spiritual, emotional, and physical needs.

Cedarville University alumni David and Cindy (Ulmer) Cox serve with Word of LIfe in Brazil.

Lifetime of Ministry

Throughout its rich 131-year history, Cedarville University has been committed to equipping young people for a lifetime of Gospel impact. Cedarville’s priority on the Gospel can be seen in the sampling of alumni from each of the past six decades who are serving in full-time missions.