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About "Cedarville Magazine"

In 2011, we began dreaming about how to enhance Cedarville University's two publications. Inspire, published three times each year and sent to alumni and friends, celebrated the influence of a Cedarville education. Torch, published twice a year, evaluated an issue in culture, society, or Christianity from a biblical perspective using Cedarville faculty and staff perspectives. In addition to the Cedarville family, it was sent to a broader audience of churches and evangelicals. We sought input from our readers and thus set to work on a revised strategy, content plan, and ultimate merger of Torch and Inspire into one.

The Spring 2013 issue of Cedarville Magazine is the debut of this process. Although the name, size, and format are different, you can expect that we’ll continue to engage Cedarville family and friends as we explore compelling topics through a distinctly biblical lens.

Biblical integration into every area of life is at Cedarville’s core. It happens on a daily basis in classrooms, chapel, small groups, student programming, and more. We value the opportunity to explore issues and challenges across Christianity and culture from a biblical perspective.

As we remain grounded in biblical truth, there is freedom in discussing and unpacking issues that are culturally uncomfortable or nebulous. That’s why we have engaged topics such as immigration and a theology of rest. And that’s the motivation behind an upcoming conference in November to affirm biblical truth in a casual sex culture.

It’s our hope that Cedarville Magazine will both encourage and challenge you as you work through this material personally or collectively in small groups and Bible studies. We’d love to hear from you if you have feedback
or ideas for us to consider in future issues.