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Physical Plant

The Physical Plant maintains and improves University facilities effectively managing resources to efficiently balance cost, schedule, and quality of work performance in support of the Business Division purpose and objectives.

The plant currently maintains 22 academic buildings and 16 residence halls as well as the campus grounds. It also manage renovation projects and the construction of new buildings.

Rod Johnson, Associate Vice President for Operations

Rod Johnson

Rod has served at Cedarville since November 2000. As Vice President for Operations, Rod oversees management of all of the University's facilities as well as Campus Safety and Print and Postal Services. Rod earned his degree in accounting and management information systems from Cedarville in 1986 and his M.B.A. in finance from Wright State University in 1993.

In the Physical Plant, it has been said that Rod seeks to be a fair and godly leader, and employees appreciate his desire to be involved in their work. Rod finds the most enjoyment in his position in watching building and remodeling projects progress from "before" to "after."

Service Center

Located in temporary offices on E. Chillicothe Street, the Service Center houses offices for the Physical Plant administration as well as managers and supervisors for different crafts.