Staff List

Julie Moore

Writing Center Director

Associate Professor, Language and Literature


I am a writer who loves to teach writing and help other writers develop their skills. I'm also committed to making Cedarville University's Writing Center top notch and thus regularly participate in writing center conferences, where I both learn from professionals across the world and conduct presentations about the many innovative approaches we've developed here. I'm a charter member of the Ohio Writing Center Consortium, and I've published work in the peer reviewed, widely circulated Writing Lab Newsletter. I'm also a poet who's published two books and many poems in literary venues across the U.S. I bring all this experience and expertise to the writing center here, and I enjoy working with the students, faculty, and staff who visit. Stop by soon—I'd love to meet you!

Isaac Mayeux

Assistant Writing Center Director

Assistant Professor of English

Isaac Mayeux Photo

I am a writer, debate coach, and lover of popular culture. I first learned of my love for helping others with writing by working as a consultant at the Cedarville University Writing Center. I like to write about a number of topics, ranging from contemporary American literature to children's movies, from Homer to obscure graphic novels. If you come around the writing center, you'll likely see me observing sessions, leading workshops, and generally making trouble.

Helen Hoekman

Senior, Spanish major

Helen Hoekman

Hi there, I’m Helen. I’m a Spanish major with a triple minor in Bible (of course!), TESOL, and music. If I ever grow up, I would absolutely love to play my trumpet with the Madrid Symphony Orchestra; more realistically, however, I aspire to be an interpreter for hospital patients and doctors. Along with playing my trumpet, running long distance, watching NCIS, and reading mysteries, I also enjoy helping people become un-frustrated with their papers as they find direction and purpose in their writing.

Emma Patterson

Senior, Music Major

Emma Patterson

I’m a music major and California girl, and I like kooking, kats, knaps, and Korean TV. If given the choice, I would rather go running or watch movies before I write a school paper. . . Am I allowed to say that? I do strive for excellence in writing, however, because I am passionate about creatively and effectively connecting with people. Even if you feel overwhelmed, confused, or apathetic about your writing, I would love to help and inspire you during any part of the process!

Eli Pyles

Senior, Professional Writing and Information Design Major

Eli Pyles

I am a technical and professional communication major, and I’ve lived in Cedarville my entire life. I enjoy playing a variety of sports, such as basketball, volleyball, and ultimate Frisbee, and most of all, I like to run. If I could meet anyone in the world, it would be Ryan Hall—if you know who that is, great; if not, you should look him up. Anyway, two of the things I love to do most are to write and to help others with their writing, so feel free to sign up and stop by anytime—I’d love to help!

Courtney Raymond

Senior, Applied Communications Major

Courtney Raymond

Hi! I’m from northeast Ohio, where it looks a lot like Cedarville but with more hills. If I’m not in the Writing Center, you can probably find me working at the library, and if you still can’t find me, go ahead and look in the theatre, where I’m often found working on the current production. I have a passion for words and stories, and my favorite way to write is in verse. When I grow up, I want to be paid to continue blogging, teach at a university, and run an all-girls residential summer camp (a broad, diverse program like communications obviously suits me). I love talking about books, cloudy-but-potentially-monumental ideas, and even speech outlines for your Fundamentals class. Brainstorming sessions are my favorite kind of sessions! Visit us soon!

Ruth Towne

Junior, Professional Writing and Information Design Major

Ruth Towne

Hello, I’m a Professional Writing and Information Design major minoring in Honors and Creative Writing. Since I’m a thrower on the Track and Field team, I spend most of my spare time getting ready to compete in the javelin, discus, shot put, weight, and hammer throws. However, I still have plenty of time my favorite works by Dostoevsky and T. S. Eliot. I also enjoy anything that reminds me of my home in southern Maine like blueberries, mountains, and books by Stephen King.

Hannah Brown

Junior, Psychology Major

Hannah Brown Photo

Hello! I’m a psychology major with a minor in studio art. I’m from Falmouth, Maine and desperately miss forests, mountains, and the smell of the ocean while I’m at school. You should know that I like art because it helps me see the world differently. Someday I hope to work with kids. Also, I could eat a bowl of pasta with homemade sauce daily—it’s my favorite food (dark chocolate is a close second). Another fun fact: Some people think I look like Rory Gilmore from the Gilmore Girls. I enjoy kayaking and hiking, but I also love to listen and I want to help you out with whatever writing challenge you’re facing.

Austin Cordle

Junior, AYALA Major

Austin Cordle Photo

Howdy, I’m a Language Arts Education major from one of the smallest towns in Ohio, which is saying something. I love soccer, Ohio State football, my country, and books. I am super excited about working in the Writing Center with the great students of this school! Your paper will be my foremost concern during tutoring sessions, and I hope that we can tackle assignments with enthusiasm and coffee. I look forward to hearing the unique ideas and viewpoints within your writing because that means you are exercising your freedom of speech like a true American. Come see me!

Tyler Detrick

Senior, English Major

Tyler Detrick Photo

I’m a senior English major with a Greek minor from Springfield, Ohio. Since childhood, I’ve enjoyed the delicacy of a fine German bratwurst. A bagpiper and violinist, I spend many a weekend performing Celtic and American folk music at myriad events. You might even hear me fiddling with Cedarville’s own Irish band, The Demerits. In my spare time, I love to study theology from authors like B.B. Warfield, Cornelius Van Til, and Geerhardus Vos. I’m a member at Redeemer Orthodox Presbyterian Church, and I anticipate attending seminary after graduation. I would love to work with you in the Writing Center, wherever you might be in your composition skills and writing process.

Sam Franklin

Junior, Pharmacy Major

Sam Franklin Photo

Hello! I’m a pharmacy major from Beavercreek, Ohio. I also have a minor in chemistry, which means I survived those tricky analytical chemistry lab reports! I’d be happy to help discuss how to organize your papers better, navigate the active/passive voice differences in scientific writing, or help you survive your composition assignments. I also love anything about philosophy or ethics. I look forward to assisting you with all your writing needs.

Joella Gerber

Junior, Psychology Major

Joella Gerber Photo

Hi there! I’m a senior psychology major with a triple minor in Bible, Spanish, and the Honors program. I’m from the beautiful state of Iowa, and if you think Ohio has a lot of corn, I do not suggest taking a trip to the Hawkeye state! I refuse to pay full price for anything, so thrift stores and garage sales steal more of my income than they should. I tackle any project I can find on Pinterest from creating my own coffee mug holder to DIY-ing a lampshade. If I had more time in my life, I would spend it reading books and sipping a hot beverage. My love of books has filtered into a love of discussing ideas, writing, and helping others along in the writing process. Whether writing is right up your alley or a nuisance, I’d love to work with you to improve it!

Madie Grapes

Junior, Graphic Design Major

Madie Grapes Photo

Hello! I’m Madison, but everyone just calls me “Madie,” and I hail from the city of Bridges, Pittsburgh. I’m a Graphic Design major who loves to express creativity not only in art but also in writing. Whenever I can find spare time, I love to read the classics, watch Elementary, and explore the nearby hiking trails. I enjoy meeting new people and hearing about new ideas, so come see me and I’ll help you tackle whatever piece of writing you’re working on!

Cassie Hopkins

Junior, Chemistry and Spanish Double Major

Cassie Hopkins Photo

Hello! I am currently working towards majors in both chemistry and Spanish. I grew up in Grand Rapids, Michigan and am a huge fan of the University of Michigan football and basketball teams. I love watching the Detroit Tigers as well. I spent a brief time studying abroad in Spain last summer and love the Spanish language and culture. I cannot wait to go back one day. In my spare time, I enjoy playing volleyball, wallyball, reading, drinking coffee, eating ice cream, running (begrudgingly), and watching Netflix. I hope to one day be a physician assistant and world traveler. I love helping students with any form of writing and welcome all students! Come visit!

Hannah Ingram

Junior, Middle Childhood Education Major

Hannah Ingram Photo

Hi! I’m a Middle Childhood Education major with concentrations in math and English. Yes, I do like both math and English (most of the time), and yes, I do want to work with middle schoolers. Crazy, I know! My three favorite things are water (for drinking and for swimming), potatoes (in nearly all their forms), and ice cream. Some of my favorite activities are playing Frisbee and eating ice cream (although not at the same time . . . yet). My favorite books are deep reads like Harold and the Purple Crayon and If You Give a Mouse a Cookie. Okay, so while deep thinking may not be my forte, I would love to learn alongside you as we go over any or every writing assignment you’d like to bring in. I’m excited to work with you!

Kat Meakem

Junior, Strategic Communications Major

Kat Meakem Photo

I’m a strategic communications major from North Carolina where everyone thinks 35 degrees is freezing. During my first Ohio winter, I turned into an icicle and never quite thawed. I love chocolate chip cookies more than almost anything in the world. I also like to play the cello, sing, make sarcastic comments, watch Netflix, go exploring in the mountains, and use a million sticky notes. I’m chatty and love eating candy and using colorful pens, so feel free to come see me at the Writing Center.

Bethany Miller

Senior, Engilish Major

Bethany Miller Photo

Hello there! I am an English major from the great state of Iowa. I love good books and rich coffee, and I would cherish the opportunity to sit down with you and talk about writing. I may be a certified word nerd, but I also love talking to people, discovering new places, doing amateur yoga, and sinking into comfy chairs. Come see me any time.

Maya Palmisciano

Junior, Professional Writing and Information Design.& Linguistics Double Major

Maya Palmisciano Photo

I am from Burrillville, RI. I love my New England roots, and I love living so close to the ocean. I am a Professional Writing and Information Design and Linguistics double major. I obviously spend a large amount of my time writing and editing, but in my spare time, I enjoy playing my clarinet and listening to all sorts of music. I have a major weakness for Oreos, and I am a firm believer that hugs help to make the world go 'round.

Matt Pounds

Junior, English Major

Matt Pounds Photo

I'm an English major from Indiana with a passion for smooth pens. I'm into writing, but I'm especially interested in talking about writing, which means we're both in luck if you visit the Writing Center. I'm a stern advocate of the long "a" sound in Ramen (as in rhymes with Cayman), and I'm fascinated by the concept of self-discipline. When it comes to writing, I particularly enjoy discussing ideas, and paper/paragraph/sentence organization really gets me excited. Take a peek at my hours on the online schedule, and perhaps we can link up and chat about writing.

Adam J. Wagner

Junior, English Major

Adam Wagner Photo

Hey! I’m an English major from Toledo, Ohio. I love analyzing books, movies, and pop culture. In my opinion, chocolate and coffee are essential to life and writing well. My dream career is...well, honestly, I have too many! English is my passion, however, and I love to help other students discover the life benefits of reading, writing, and analyzing.