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10 Steps for Choosing a Major

  1. Pray and seek God's wisdom and direction.
  2. Job shadow someone who works in the career you are considering. Ask your guidance counselor, friends, and family members for recommendations.
  3. Take the MyPlan assessments when you visit campus. You don't have to wait until you're a student to benefit from MyPlan. Stop by career services during your campus visit and they will be glad to give you the code to take the assessments for free and assist you with the process.
  4. Take the personality test available through counseling services. Our counseling center is happy to send the results and resources to your home – even before you're a student.
  5. Attend a summer academic camp. Cedarville University's academic camps give you the opportunity to explore a major through field trips, hands-on experiences, presentations, and team projects. Academic camps are highly interactive and a lot of fun!
  6. Schedule a campus visit. Besides helping you decide if Cedarville University is right for you, you will have the opportunity to meet students and talk to faculty from any of the academic departments you are considering.
  7. Request additional information.
  8. Academic departments provide information about their programs, faculty, and unique program features. Look them over to familiarize yourself with your options.
  9. Contact academic assistance to schedule a personal consultation once you arrive on campus.
  10. Take advantage of free campus events and workshops to learn more about yourself, your options, and the decision process.