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Academic Camps

Your college experience is just around the corner. It’s time to explore your options, focus your dreams, and prepare for your future.

That’s what Cedarville Academic Camps give you the opportunity to do! Spend a week at one of the finest Christian universities in the nation and explore an academic area you are interested in studying in college. You'll accomplish much more than career exploration — camp faculty will challenge you to make your career your calling. You will consider how your gifts, skills, and interests can make a difference in this world for Christ.

Make plans now to attend one of these life-changing camps this summer!

Engineering Students

Engineering Camp

June 3–7, 2024 (Waitlist)
June 24–28, 2024 (Waitlist)

At Engineering Camp, you will receive superior instruction from top faculty in the fields of computer science and electrical, civil, computer, and mechanical engineering. Discover how engineering fits into the Christian worldview and find out what it takes to become an engineer.

Man interviewing women with the Cedarville University Entrepreneurship CUE logo in the background

Entrepreneurship Camp

June 4-7, 2024

Do you dream of pitching ideas, creative problem-solving, and starting a business? Imagine a week of fun, adventure, and creativity all wrapped into one. Welcome to the Cedarville University Entrepreneurship Camp, or CUE Camp for short. This one-of-a-kind experience is the perfect opportunity for high school students interested in tech and business. 

Students singing at music camp

Music Camp

June 3–7, 2024 (Waitlist)

Music Camp combines a high-level musical academy experience with a week of summer fun. You will enjoy private instruction and master classes with top Cedarville music faculty and get a jump on the college music scene with theory instruction, rehearsals, and a recital.

Two female students practice CPR on a mannequin

Nursing Camp

June 3–7, 2024 (Waitlist)

Nursing Camp experiences will include an introduction to a Christian philosophy of nursing, practical experience with basic nursing skills, great fun and fellowship, one-on-one interaction with nursing faculty and current Cedarville nursing students and an overview of career opportunities in the field of nursing.

Students practice playing in a band together

Worship Camp

June 3–7, 2024 (Waitlist)
June 10–14, 2024 (Waitlist)

Explore the opportunities for leading worship in your school ministry or local church by coming to Worship Camp! Whether you’re a guitarist, keyboardist, drummer, vocalist, or sound engineer, Worship Camp will give you the tools you need to excel as a member of a worship team.

Students pose for a picture around a large rock

Geology Camp

June 24–28, 2024

Geology Camp will cover a wide variety of geologic topics through discussions on dinosaurs, fossils, and the Bible and learning how to do laboratory tests to characterize minerals and rocks. Campers will get to meet current Cedarville geology students and learn more about studying this fascinating subject at Cedarville.

A student pours liquid in to a flask

Pharmacy Camp

June 24–28, 2024

During Pharmacy Camp, you will learn about this growing career field by interacting with pharmacists in a variety of practice settings. With Cedarville's Christ-centered mission, your time at Pharmacy Camp will also highlight the testimonies of pharmacists who are using their roles to make a difference in God's Kingdom.


Psychology Camp

June 24–28, 2024

Psychology Camp will provide an overview of many different areas of psychology and help you explore this exciting career. You will learn how to prepare now for a career in psychology, find out what type of undergraduate experience will best prepare you for graduate training, and see first-hand what the psychology profession is all about.

Students learning theater from a professor

Theatre Camp

June 24–28, 2024 (Waitlist)

Through exciting activities and professional instruction, you'll be introduced to acting, directing, improvisation, and design (including costume, makeup, set, and lighting). As an image-bearer of God's creative design, you'll discover what it means to use your own creative gifts in performance, ministry, and worship.

Students drawing pictures of each other

Art and Design Camp

July 8–12, 2024 (Waitlist)

This camp is aimed at providing students an understanding of some of the basic principles of art and design used in constructing a variety of visual concepts for both traditional and digital media.

Athletic Training

Athletic Training Camp

July 8–12, 2024

At Athletic Training Camp you will learn the basic concepts and be instructed in the skills of injury prevention, injury evaluation and diagnosis, rehabilitation, and functional injury progression. Campers will have the opportunity to complete numerous hands on skills and will be instructed on the most current techniques related to all forms of sports medicine and healthcare.

Two female students practice CPR on a mannequin

Healthcare Exploration Camp

July 8–12, 2024 (Waitlist)

Are you interested in serving others through a career in healthcare but are unsure of the specific profession you want to pursue? Join us for an exploration week this summer as you will hear from Christian healthcare providers as they share about the diverse job opportunities available in healthcare.

student in a science lab

Molecular Biology Camp

July 8–12, 2024

Register now to be a part of Molecular Biology Camp at Cedarville University! Molecular biology, the study of the proteins and nucleic acids essential for life, is a growing field with applications to medicine, pharmaceuticals, genetics, and biotechnology.

Two college students giving a speech holding notepads

Speech and Debate Camp

July 8–12, 2024

At Speech and Debate Camp, you will participate in coaching and teaching with Cedarville's competitive forensics team coach and members. Take your competitive speaking and debating to the next level and discover what it means to do forensics with excellence for God’s glory.