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Nine individuals discuss together at a creative writing workshop, with their books open and coffee in hand.

Creative Writing Minor

About the Creative Writing Minor

Welcome to the workshop. With our introductory emphasis on studying the basics of literary writing from a thoroughly Christian perspective, followed by our highly individualized advanced sequence tailored for your own next step, there really is nothing else like it.

The art of storytelling and poetry are inherent to life, important as bread and water. And the hunger to write, and write well, is a calling worth exploring. Cedarville University’s program in Creative Writing—with tracks in poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction—is unique among programs due to its program structure and individualized outcomes.

Our program represents a body of emerging Christian writers working in a variety of genres, and hosts special assemblies, regular readings, clubs and lit journals, guest speakers and authors, and even an annual whitewater rafting trip. Whatever your major or interest, there is a place for you in the Creative Writing program. We invite you to come test the waters, visit a class, contact a faculty member, and explore the life of a working artist in the body of Christ.

Many undergraduate writing programs require students to major in English or creative writing to get the full depth of course offerings. While we may have English majors in the program, our creative writing courses are housed in a 21-hour academic minor, so students can satisfy a desire to write while also working on a major in any other field. Our Creative Writing minors have majored in programs as broad ranging as nursing, criminal justice, biblical studies, molecular and cellular biology, and education.

Creative Writing Program Highlights

  • Minor requires 21 semester hours of coursework.
  • Coursework includes fiction, poetry, and nonfiction writing.
  • Individualized outcomes: While many writing programs focus solely on literary writing — which we love to study here too — Cedarville’s program culminates in an advanced, yearlong, course sequence designed to carry individual students toward individual goals. Want to apply to top graduate writing programs? You will leave the advanced sequence with a highly polished and competitive application package ready to go. Want to indie publish that fantasy novel? You will leave the advanced sequence with a thoroughly workshopped manuscript, as well as prepared submission package ready to query genre-appropriate agents or presses. What about a book of illustrated children’s poetry? You will leave the advanced sequence having paired up with an artist or designer (or having studied drawing yourself) to arrive at a completed compilation of poems and prints. How about nonfiction, outdoor adventure writing or a groundbreaking memoir? The advanced sequence awaits you too.

Consider These Majors

Students pursuing a creative writing minor may consider these majors:

  • Visual Art
  • English
  • Linguistics
  • Psychology
  • Theatre

Creative Writing Program Curriculum

Sample courses:
  • Fiction, Poetry, and Nonfiction Workshops
  • Advanced Workshops