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Old Testament Literature

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The Bible Minor Project

One of the value-added distinctives that sets Cedarville apart is that every student, regardless of major, receives a Bible minor. Made up of five courses, the Bible minor stretches students to think about God, His Word, and His world in whole new ways and encourages them to apply Scripture to all areas of their lives. Now, we are making this outstanding Bible teaching available to everyone. Old Testament Literature, taught by Dr. Chris Miller, is the first course to be released in this exciting project. Theology II will be coming next. We are excited to serve parents, churches, and the greater Body of Christ by providing these exceptional resources for personal and community study. These free resources are made available for personal enrichment, group Bible studies, and the benefit of the church.

Old Testament Literature Taught by Dr. Chris Miller

Chris Miller

Old Testament Literature is the second course in Cedarville's Bible Minor sequence. The biblical narrative will come alive as you join our undergraduate students and explore how the chapters, stories, events, and literary forms all fit together in God's redemptive story. This survey course traces the history of the Hebrew nation from its origin to the time of Jesus Christ.

The videos below feature Dr. Chris Miller, Senior Professor of Biblical Studies, as the course professor. Always among our students' favorite teachers, Dr. Miller combines careful biblical study, powerful storytelling, and helpful visual resources to make the content memorable and life-changing.

Course Videos

The videos below are presented in the order of the class lectures.

View thumbnail for Old Testament Walkthrough

Old Testament Walkthrough

Dr. Miller gives a brief visual overview of the Old Testament from beginning to end using his traditional “walkthrough.”

View thumbnail for Genesis 1-3

Genesis 1-3

Dr. Miller demonstrates looking at Old Testament history from a theological perspective, revealing who God is, using the first three chapters of Genesis.

View thumbnail for Genesis 4-11

Genesis 4-11

This lecture highlights the history of Genesis 4-11 and puts the seemingly different stories into context, showing how God is setting the stage for what is to come.

View thumbnail for Genesis 12-26

Genesis 12-26

In this lecture, Dr. Miller discusses the flood versus the Tower of Babel, before pivoting to an explanation of the beginnings of the nation of Israel.

View thumbnail for Genesis: Jacob

Genesis: Jacob

This lecture highlights the story of Jacob and sets the foundation for the majority of lectures through the focus of land, nation, and leader.

View thumbnail for Genesis: Joseph

Genesis: Joseph

This lecture dives into the story of Joseph as we continue the journey through Genesis.

View thumbnail for Exodus 1-12

Exodus 1-12

This lecture introduces the first few chapters of Exodus as God begins the work of delivering His people from the Egyptians as part of the promise.

View thumbnail for Exodus 13-40

Exodus 13-40

This lectures finishes the book of Exodus, detailing the Israelites receiving miracles from God and the introduction of the Law.

View thumbnail for Law


This lecture details the law being introduced to the people, what it meant for them, and how it fits into the long-term narrative.

View thumbnail for Leviticus


Dr. Miller argues that Leviticus is an “unrecognized piece of literary art” as he describes how it reveals more of God’s nature to His people.

View thumbnail for Numbers


Dr. Miller discusses the importance of Numbers, with its focus on Israel’s rebellion and God’s promises.

View thumbnail for Deuteronomy


This lecture focuses on the importance of the book of Deuteronomy to the people of Israel as it served as a new “contract” with God.

View thumbnail for Joshua


Dr. Miller continues using the “Land, Nation, Leader” theme as students dive into the life of Joshua.

View thumbnail for Judges and Ruth: Part 1

Judges and Ruth: Part 1

Dr. Miller discusses Judges and Ruth, with the books’ themes of “life, death, love, and rescue.”

View thumbnail for Judges and Ruth: Part 2

Judges and Ruth: Part 2

Dr. Miller finishes his lecture on Judges and ends with the book of Ruth and comparing the leadership of David and Boaz.

View thumbnail for Job: Part 1

Job: Part 1

Dr. Miller discusses the purpose of Job as well as misinterpretations of the book.

View thumbnail for Job: Part 2

Job: Part 2

Dr. Miller continues the discussion on Job with a look at the structure, with special focus on the believer’s motives and mindset on serving God.

View thumbnail for Psalms: Part 1

Psalms: Part 1

This lecture introduces the book of Psalms. Dr. Miller examines the themes and structure with students.

View thumbnail for Psalms: Part 2

Psalms: Part 2

Dr. Miller finishes his discussion on Psalms with details about the Messianic Psalms.

View thumbnail for Wisdom Literature

Wisdom Literature

The storyline discussion takes a brief hiatus as Dr. Miller defines the genre of wisdom literature.

View thumbnail for Ecclesiastes: Part 1

Ecclesiastes: Part 1

Dr. Miller introduces Ecclesiastes, explains its background, and offers the trouble that many readers have with the book.

View thumbnail for Ecclesiastes: Part 2

Ecclesiastes: Part 2

Dr. Miller continues the discussion on Ecclesiastes and the need everyone has for God and His love in the midst of a fallen world.

View thumbnail for Proverbs


In this lecture, Dr. Miller walks through the book of Proverbs in great detail, discussing the need for wisdom in every part of the Christian’s life

View thumbnail for Song of Songs

Song of Songs

Dr. Miller discusses the purpose and structure of Song and Songs and God’s emphasis on purity through it.

View thumbnail for Prophecy Literature/Jonah and Nahum

Prophecy Literature/Jonah and Nahum

Dr. Miller introduces prophecy literature and ends the lecture comparing and contrasting Jonah and Nahum.

View thumbnail for Hosea and Amos

Hosea and Amos

Hosea and Amos both deal with God’s love and His desire for a personal relationship with His people. Dr. Miller discusses this with his students.

View thumbnail for Isaiah


Dr. Miller discusses the “mission statement” of Israel and ends the lecture discussing Isaiah’s prophetic poetry on the coming of the Messiah

View thumbnail for 1-2 Samuel

1-2 Samuel

Dr. Miller explores the narrative genre and how it contains a central theme. With this in mind, students take a deep dive into 1-2 Samuel.

View thumbnail for Micah and Zephaniah

Micah and Zephaniah

Dr. Miller explains how God is the only true way to peace, which is contrary to what the world teaches. He also discusses truth and error with Zephaniah.

View thumbnail for Joel, Habakkuk, and Obadiah

Joel, Habakkuk, and Obadiah

This lecture focuses on God’s continued love for His people, even in the midst of trials and tragedy.

View thumbnail for Jeremiah


Dr. Miller discusses the purpose of the book of Jeremiah and how it explores God’s relationship with the chosen people of Israel.

View thumbnail for Kings and Chronicles

Kings and Chronicles

This lecture discusses how Kings and Chronicles serve as historical records of Israel, but their purpose is still relevant as the day they were written.

View thumbnail for Daniel: Part 1

Daniel: Part 1

In this lecture, Dr. Miller explains the purpose of the book of Daniel and how God’s promises remain, even in the midst of Israel’s exile.

View thumbnail for Daniel: Part 2

Daniel: Part 2

Dr. Miller wraps up the book of Daniel with a look at eschatology and prophecy present in the book.

View thumbnail for Ezekiel, Haggai, and Zechariah

Ezekiel, Haggai, and Zechariah

Dr. Miller finishes his lectures on the minor prophets with a look at the second coming and the high priestly status of Christ.

View thumbnail for Esther


Dr. Miller closes out Old Testament literature with a study of Esther and God’s faithfulness and love for His people.

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