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Male mechanical engineering students work on a project in Cedarville's Engineering Projects Lab

About Us

The School of Engineering and Computer Science houses some of Cedarville's most successful professional programs. Majors in:

  • Civil engineering (B.S.C.E.) 
  • Computer science (B.S.)
  • Computer engineering (B.S.Cp.E.)
  • Cyber operations (B.S.)
  • Electrical engineering (B.S.E.E.)
  • Mechanical engineering (B.S.M.E.)

The innovative curricula take advantage of up-to-date facilities, experienced faculty, and vast scientific and engineering resources. All programs are professionally accredited by ABET, the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology.

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Our programs enjoy the rich technical environment fostered in the surrounding community and the frequent opportunities to interact with professionals working on the latest aerospace, automotive, and electronics technology. The department provides students opportunities to participate in national and international design  competitions organized by professional societies such as ACM, ASME, IEEE, SAE, and SWE, which allow them to have fun while developing their skills.

Every student will have the advantage of using Cedarville University's aggressive Career Services  to help them open the doors to businesses across the country. Because of their strong background in science, mathematics, and technology, engineering and computing professionals often rise to leadership positions in organizations, managing programs in research, development, design, construction, production, operations, marketing, and sales.

All Cedarville students take communications, natural and social sciences, humanities, and a  Bible minor along with their major course of study. Success in national competitions has already demonstrated the value of this approach. The "broadening courses" other engineering schools struggle to add on are the foundation on which we build.

Engineering and Computer Science Day Presentation

Our school Dean, Dr. Bob Chasnov opened our 2016 Engineering and Computer Science Day with a presentation to our guests.  This  Department Presentation is available here for you to download and review.  The presentation summarizes many of our statistics, goals, and projects.  

Mission Statement

The School of Engineering and Computer Science offers accredited programs in computer, electrical, and mechanical engineering, as well as computer science. Our philosophy centers on a rigorous, back-to-basics education that is rich with hands-on opportunities to apply classroom theory. Our faculty share a common vision that states: “We, the School of Engineering and Computer Science, seek to honor the Lord Jesus Christ in every endeavor and earnestly desire to cultivate technical professionals who are committed to moral excellence and who are exemplary in character, conduct, and skill. Therefore, we strive to provide an excellent educational environment that will nurture our students to honor the Lord in all things and help them to grow in spiritual maturity, wisdom, knowledge, and expertise for purposeful lives of service.”