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Build on Your Gifts and Uncover New Solutions.

Fuel your passion to discover the way God's world works and become equipped to help others by developing your mind. Rigorous coursework paired with a commitment to Christ will establish you as a servant who will you honor God through the gifts He has given you.

Pursue your vocational calling in engineering and computer science.
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Professor instructing students in a engineering lab building a wooden structure.

Academic Programs

Cedarville's fully accredited professional engineering and computer science programs will afford you the opportunity to learn from and be mentored by world-class professors while gaining extensive hands-on experience. Ultimately, you will work hard to master the complexities of your field as you serve Christ well.

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Professor working with students in an electronics lab.

Admission Requirements and Preparation

Laying a solid foundation for learning now will set you up for success when you begin your focused studies at Cedarville. Find out what you can do today to prepare for your education in engineering and computer science.

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Small group of students and professors setting up rocket

Engineering Competitions

As you learn new concepts in the classroom, there are numerous ways for you to get involved with practicing and demonstrating your knowledge. Turn what you're learning into practical skills, gain real-world experience with your team, and have fun seeing how your designs stack up against others.

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School of Engineering and Computer Science Quick Facts

What are the Top 10 Reasons You Should Study Engineering or Computer Science at Cedarville University? Find Out!

  • 656 Undergraduate Students
  • 98.1% Job/Grad School Placement
  • 6 Degree Programs
  • 28 Faculty Members

All new students are assigned a faculty advisor to help you make the most of your 1000 Days.

Female student working with electronics gear. withStudents working on a large semi-transparent remote controlled electric propeller driven aircraft.Male student doing metal work using a large milling machine.

Studying Engineering and Computer Science From a Distinctly Biblical Worldview

The intricate way in which God has set the world into motion and wired together each ornate detail is a testament to His everlasting glory. As a student of engineering and computer science at Cedarville, you will uniquely experience the joy of connecting your technical knowledge with biblical truths. You will grow in both your aptitude for working through complex problems and your sense of awe for our God, who so magnificently designed the wonders of our world.

It is impossible to rightly view creation without rightly viewing the Creator. At Cedarville, you will find a campus-wide commitment to growing together in our knowledge of the Father. Through coursework that is built on a biblical base and a community that cares deeply, your passion and ability for discovering answers to elaborate questions will only increase.

“And he is before all things, and in him all things hold together.”

— Colossians 1:17

Academic Programs

Stretch your ability to solve complex problems.

Forge ahead in your pursuit of knowledge. Be challenged in the classroom as you seek to discover the inner workings of the world, whether that be the physical or digital world. With the intentional guidance of faculty members, you will be supported personally, professionally, and spiritually as you learn what it means to pursue excellence for the glory of God. You will leave Cedarville prepared to live out God's calling in your life as an engineer or computer scientist.

Also explore the following special programs:

  • The Cooperative Engineering Program allows students to work while completing their engineering degree, gaining valuable industrial experience as part of their education.
  • Cedarville's Engineering Honors Program provides a pathway for students to be challenged and reach their highest academic potential. 
Professor instructing mechanical engineering students building a wooden structure.

"Give me a lever long enough and a place to stand and I will move the entire earth."

— Archimedes

Admission Requirements and Preparation

Take advantage of your time now to jumpstart your future.

Make the most impact on your Cedarville engineering or computer science experience by prepping your mind to learn fundamental concepts. Explore the ways that you can kickstart your readiness for our programs and learn what is needed to get the best education you can.

Engineering and computer science programs at Cedarville require that students take calculus. Before your semester begins, you will take the Calculus Readiness Exam to assist you in registering for the appropriate courses. Take the Online Calculus Readiness Exam to prepare for the official exam on campus.

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Professor working with students in an electronics lab.

"Scientists investigate that which already is; Engineers create that which has never been."

— Albert Einstein

Engineering Competitions

Put your skills to the test and solve real-world problems.

Studying engineering at Cedarville will create opportunities for you to apply your design skills and release your competitive spirit. Experiment with high-level concepts on a practical level, collaborate with your team, and showcase your one-of-a-kind design to the world.

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Small group of students and professors setting up rocket

"Great are the works of the Lord, studied by all who delight in them."

— Psalm 111:2

Dean – School of Engineering and Computer Science

Bob Chasnav

Bob Chasnov, PhD, PE

Dean, School of Engineering and Computer Science; Senior Professor of Engineering

“It has been exciting to be a part of the development of Cedarville's engineering and computer science programs for more than 30 years. I participated in the planning for and construction of our three classroom, laboratory, and office buildings. I was one of three engineering faculty during my first year at Cedarville and now have the privilege of leading more than 30 engineering and computer science faculty and staff. My greatest joy has come with the growth of our student numbers…from the inaugural class of 40 students in two majors to the nearly 700 students in six majors. I encourage you to come to Ohio and see what our faculty and students are accomplishing. We pray that you will be inspired to join us!”

— Bob Chasnov, PhD, PE