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Male mechanical engineering students work on a project in Cedarville's Engineering Projects Lab

Cedarville University Supermileage

Supermileage Team

The goal of the Supermileage Competition Team is to create the most fuel efficient car possible. Each year, through lots of hard work and dedication, we improve and make new ideas to further this goal. Through body and chassis design, engine modification and computer programming, we continue on in an attempt to increase our miles per gallon ratio. Competing in both the Shell Eco Marathon Americas and SAE/Eaton Supermileage Competitions, we persist in our mission to increase the fuel efficiency of our aerodynamic vehicles.

The Cedarville Supermileage Team consists of four sub-teams: body, computer, EFI and engine teams. The body team is in charge of the design and manufacturing of the actual vehicle. The computer team deals with all of the driving information needed to increase fuel efficiency. The EFI team is working to improve fuel efficiency in the engine specifically through electronic fuel injection and dyno-testing. The engine team takes care of any and all engine related issues and modifications. Together, these teams create an aero-dynamic, fuel-efficient vehicle.

This year we will be creating a new car to race at competition. Developments are being made in every area including a new engine with increased fuel conversion efficiency, a new steering and suspension, an infused composite chassis, hybrid electric drive train, and a simulation system based on live race data that creates and optimized track route.

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