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MediaPLEX: Craft Supplies & Paper

Craft Supplies

We have a large variety of craft items for sale. Most are under 25¢ in cost.

Items include: fasteners, feathers, foam sheets/squares, glitter, heart dollies, loose leaf ring, magnetic tape, paint, pipe cleaners, pom poms, popsicle sticks, sequins, spinners, stickers, tissue paper, Velcro, wiggle eyes


We have a large selection of paper in many colors and sizes.

Cardstock8.5x115¢ or 10¢ each depending on color
Colored 8.5x11
2¢ or 5¢ each depending on color
Construction 9x123¢ for one sheet/ 5¢ for two sheets
Envelopesmany3¢ or 25¢ depending on size
File Folders letter10¢ manila/ 20¢ color 
Foam Board20x30$4.50 for white/ $5.00 for black
Index Cards 3.5x5 or 4x62¢ or 3¢ each
Mailing Labels 1"x2 5/8"30¢ for a sheet of 30
Poster Board 22x2855¢ each
Rolled 36x?10¢ a foot
Tag Board 23x3555¢ each
Tri-fold Boards
$5.00 white / $6.00 colored