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Liu Chao

Chao Liu, PhD

Assistant Professor of Psychology


Dr. Chao Liu grew up in a southern coastal city of China. In 2010, he came to the United States to pursue graduate degrees in psychology, with a hope to help children in need. In 2013, he obtained his master's degree in developmental psychology from the University of Maine. After realizing the important role of family in child development, he then decided to incorporate the influences of family on child well-being into his doctoral study. He completed his Ph.D. degree in Human Development and Family Sciences at Oklahoma State University in August of 2018, and joined the faculty at Cedarville University soon after.

Education and Credentials

Ph.D. in Human Development and Family Sciences, Oklahoma State University

Scholarly Works

  • The Longitudinal Relations of Disciplinary and Non-Disciplinary Parental Practices to Child Behavior and Academic Performance and the Unique Contribution of Parent-Child Synchrony (Chao Liu) Faculty Dissertations (2018)
  • Does a Mixed-Age Setting Reduce Competition and Increase Cooperation Among Children? (Chao Liu) Faculty Dissertations (2013)
  • Parents and Peers as Protective Factors Among Adolescents Exposed to Neighborhood Risk (Michael M. Criss, Amy M. Smith, Amanda Sheffield Morris, et al.) Journal of Applied Developmental Psychology (2017)
  • The Effects of Requiring Parental Consent for Research on Adolescents' Risk Behaviors: A Meta-Analysis (Chao Liu, Ronald B Cox, Isaac J Washburn, et al.) The Journal of Adolescent Health (2017)
  • Opportunities to Use Drugs and the Transition to Drug Use Among Adolescents From Caracas, Venezuela (Ronald B Cox, Julie M Croff, Isaac J Washburn, et al.) Journal of Ethnicity in Substance Abuse (2017)

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  • Interests: As an outdoor enthusiast, I enjoy spending time with my wife hiking and camping. We are also avid backpackers and love to share the Gospel with people we meet on our journeys.
  • Why Cedarville?: Cedarville is a place marked by servanthood. At Cedarville, I found that everyone is filled with passions to help and to serve. I want to be a part of it.