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Summer School

We have the summer program you need! Whether you are a current Cedarville student, high school student, or are planning to be in the Cedarville area this summer, we have the program that will make your summer complete!

If you are currently not a Cedarville student, you must apply to the university in order to take a Summer School course. You may do so online by clicking the “Apply Now” button below.

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Why Summer Sessions?

Save Money

Tuition, housing, and food are significantly less than during the regular academic year. Save more by living off campus!

Graduate on Time

Whether you need to catch up, get ahead, or stay on track, Summer School can help you earn the credit you need.

Take that Hard-To-Get Course!

Check the schedule for courses that close early or are too crowded during the regular academic year. Enrolling in summer classes is easy, and classes are usually less crowded than during the regular school year.

Get to Know the Campus

Visitors, new freshmen, prospective students, and high school students who have completed their junior or senior year can use the summer to get to know the Cedarville campus and get a head start on fall classes.

Enjoy Learning

Summer courses are taught intensively, allowing you to focus on fewer subjects at a time. Most students report that this method of learning is more engaging and interesting, and they learn more as a result.