College Now students smile for a picture by Cedar Lake

Accepted Students

Congratulations on your admission to Cedarville University’s College Now program! You will be joining top-achieving high school students from around the world as you get a head start on your college experience. We are excited to help you take the next steps to enrolling in College Now courses either online or on campus. Ready to get started?

Here are your next steps after being accepted:

  1. Online Orientation: Your Cedarville University Program Advisor will send you an e-mail* containing a link to a short, online orientation. 
    *Until you are registered, your advisor will use the personal e-mail address you entered on your College Now application to contact you.
  2. Advising Meeting: After you have completed the online orientation, your Cedarville University Program Advisor will e-mail you requesting you to schedule an advising meeting. This meeting can be held on campus, via video chat, or over the phone. It is a time to discuss course structure, class selection, and any questions you have about the program.
  3. Course Request Form: Once you have met with your advisor, that advisor will provide you with a link to the course request form. The course request form requires approval from the student's parent and school counselor (if applicable). 
  4. Registration: Students will be registered for classes after all 3 steps above have been completed.