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Accepted Dual Enrollment students may take courses online or on campus during summer, fall, and spring terms (SU, FA, SP). Courses listed below are offered all three terms unless otherwise noted. Rising juniors and seniors may also take courses during our residential Summer Scholars program.

Before registering for classes, students must apply, be accepted for admission, and meet with their Dual Enrollment advisor.

Cedarville University is fully accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, thus, college credits earned at Cedarville are eligible to transfer to any other accredited institution of higher learning in the United States. For more information, see transferability of credits.

Dual Enrollment Courses

Available online or on campus

Credits earned are noted in parentheses. eg: (3)

*Courses with an asterisk are not College Credit Plus (CCP) eligible courses.

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Cedarville Bible Minor
  • BTGE-1725 The Bible and the Gospel* (3)
  • BTGE-2730 Old Testament Literature* (3)
    • Prerequisite: BTGE-1725
  • BTGE-2740 New Testament Literature* (3)
    • Prerequisite: BTGE 2730
  • BTGE-3755 Theology I* (3)
    • Prerequisite: BTGE-2740
Cedarville Core Courses
  • HUM-1400 Introduction to Humanities* (3) $75 fee
  • PEF-1990 Physical Activity and Healthy Living* (2)
  • GSS-1100 Politics and American Culture (3)
  • ENG-1400 Composition (3)
  • COM-1100 Fundamentals of Speech (3)
Business and Engineering
  • ECON-2110 Essentials of Economics (3)
  • EGME-1810 Engineering Graphics (1) $25 fee; SU 
    • Proficiency: high school Geometry and Algebra II
  • FIN-1710 Personal Finance (3)
  • ITM-1510 Software Tools-Business (2) $10 fee
  • BUS-2150 Statistics for Business (3) SU 
    • Prerequisite: GMTH-1020
English, Literature and Communication
  • COM-1100 Fundamentals of Speech (3)
  • ENG-1400 Composition (3) $25 fee
  • LIT-2340 Western Literature (3)
    • Prerequisite: ENG-1400
  • LIT-2330 World Mythology (3)
    • Prerequisite: ENG-1400
Global Awareness Electives
  • ANTH-1800 Cultural Anthropology (3)
  • PYCH-1800 Cross-Cultural Psychology (3)
Humanities Electives
  • ANTH-1800 Cultural Anthropology (3)
  • HUM-2430 Enjoyment of Music (3)
  • HUM-1400 Intro to Humanities* (3)
Math/Quantitative Electives
  • GMTH-1010 Introduction to Mathematics (3) SU & FA
  • GMTH-1020 College Algebra (3)
  • GMTH-1030 Precalculus (4) SU & SP
    • Prerequisite: GMTH-1020 or permission of instructor 
  • BUS-2150 Statistics for Business (3) SU 
    • Prerequisite: GMTH-1020
  • PYCH-2610 Statistics (3)
Nursing (High School Seniors Only)
  • NSG-1000 Member of Nursing Profession (2) $150 fee
  • NSG-1050 Health Promotion and Wellness (3) $150 fee
    • Prerequisite: NSG-1000
  • GBIO-1000 Principles of Biology (3.5)
  • GSCI-1010 Principles of Earth Science (3.5) $75 fee
Social Science and History
  • ANTH-1800 Cultural Anthropology (3)
  • ECON-2110 Essentials of Economics (3)
  • HIST-1110 U.S. History to 1877 (3) SU & FA
  • HIST-1120 U.S. History since 1877 (3) SU & SP
  • PYCH-1600 General Psychology (3)
  • SOC-1300 Introduction to Sociology (3) SU & SP

On-Campus CCP Level 1 Courses 

Available on campus only

Please see the current course schedule for meeting times and view our academic catalog for course descriptions. If you are seeking a course not listed below, please contact your Dual Enrollment advisor.

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Art and Humanities
  • ART-1100 Intro to Art (3) FA only
  • ART-1110 Drawing Foundations (3) $100 fee
  • VCD-1050 Applied Design: Tech Tools 1 (3)
  • VCD-1200 Design Thinking (2) $50 fee, SP
Math and Science
  • MATH-1710 Calculus 1 (5) FA & SP 
    • Prerequisite: GMTH-1030 or equivalent
  • ALHL-2000 Medical Terminology (3) FA & SP
    • Prerequisite: GBIO-2010 Human Anatomy and Physiology I or BIO-3450 Human Structure and Function I.
  • BIO-1110 Intro to Biology  (4) $100 fee, FA & SP 
  • CS-1210 C++ Programming (2) $50 fee, FA & SP 
  • CHEM-1000 Principles of Chemistry (4) $50 fee, FA & SP 
  • CHEM-1050 Chemistry for Engineers (3.5) $50 fee, FA & SP 
  • CHEM-1110 General Chemistry 1 (4) $100 fee, FA 
  • ENVS-1110 Environment: Science, Sustainability, Stewardship (4) $100 fee, SP
  • GEOL-1110 Intro Physical Geology (4) $150
  • GSCI-1020 Principles of Physical Science (3.5) $75 fee, SP 
Foreign Language
  • Elementary I and II courses are offered sequentially in fall and spring.
  • ARBC-1410 Elementary Arabic I (4)
  • CHN-1100 Elementary Chinese I (4)
  • FREN-1910 Elementary French I (4)
  • GER-1810 Elementary German I (4)
  • KOR-1510 Elementary Korean I (4)
  • SPAN-1710 Elementary Spanish I (4)
Career Success
  • ALHA-1000 Intro to Allied Health Profession (1) FA & SP
  • BUS- 1000 The Business Profession (2) $25 fee, FA & SP
  • COM-1150 Communication Seminar (1) FA & SP
  • CY-1000 Intro to Cybersecurity (3) $50 fee, SP
  • EDUC-1000 The Education Profession (2) $159 fee, FA & SP
  • EGGN-1110 The Engineering Profession (1) $50 fee, FA
  • PYCH-1000 Orientation to Psychology (1) FA & SP
Social Science
  • SOC-3750: Social Movements (3) FA & SP

Prerequisites and Proficiency Requirements

Courses with prerequisites must be taken in a sequence. Courses with proficiency requirements require that students provide test scores to demonstrate that they are proficient in the course subject matter before enrolling.

While Cedarville University allows test optional admissions, students are still required to meet proficiency requirements before enrolling in English and math courses. Dual Enrollment students can meet this requirement by submitting standardized test scores, by taking the Accuplacer exam online, or by taking the ACT OnCampus .

Please contact the Dual Enrollment office if you have questions regarding testing.

Minimum test scores to demonstrate proficiency for these courses include:

 ENG-1400 CompositionMath Courses
ACTEnglish: 21Math: 19
SATReading/Writing: 550Quantitative: 530
CLTCombined Verbal/Grammar: 52Quantitative: 20
AccuplacerWritePlacer: 6Next Gen Exam for Quantitative Reasoning, Algebra, and Statistics: 250
CLEPCollege Composition: 59College Algebra: 53
TransferPlease contact if you have taken an English or math course at another college to learn if that course will meet proficiency requirements. You must earn a C- or higher to transfer a course to Cedarville.


Transferability of Credits

Understanding how credits transfer can be particularly important for dual-enrolled students who may not yet know where they plan to attend college after high school.

How dual credits transfer to Cedarville

If you have taken or plan to take courses at another college or university, please see our information for transfer students or contact for a credit evaluation.

How Cedarville credits transfer to another institution

Cedarville University offers excellent undergraduate, graduate, and online degree programs. However, should you decide to pursue undergraduate studies at another institution, you can feel confident that college credits earned at Cedarville are eligible to transfer to any other accredited institution of higher learning in the United States. Cedarville is fully accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. Please note that it is up to the college that will grant your degree to determine how your credits will count. Transfer policies differ from one institution to another.

Students should work closely with their Dual Enrollment advisor when planning to transfer credits.