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Application and Admission Questions

What do you look for in an applicant?

Well-prepared applicants are typically making good progress toward completing their high school graduation requirements and have typically completed at least one high school credit in college preparatory English, Algebra 1, science, and social studies.

What is “college preparatory” coursework?

College prep courses may include standard high school courses, dual credit, honors, AP, and IB courses. Remedial and middle school-level courses are not considered college preparatory. Advanced students who complete a college preparatory course before 9th grade may include these courses on their high school transcript.

Which transcripts should I submit?

Cedarville requires a record of final grades for all courses taken in the last two academic years. This may include a high school transcript, an official or unofficial transcript from dual enrollment at another college or university, or report cards if the student has not completed two years of high school. Homeschool students may want to review our sample transcript.

Does my graduation date matter?

Your Dual Enrollment tuition discount eligibility ends when you have reached the graduation date given in the initial application or when you have completed four years of high school.

  • Early Graduation: Please apply using your regular graduation date. This will protect your eligibility if your plans change.
  • “Super seniors” (fifth year high school students): You are not eligible for the College Credit Plus program or the Dual Enrollment discount. You may enroll as a nondegree-seeking student and pay the regular tuition rates.
  • Gap Year Students: If you attempt (enroll in) more than 12 credit hours after high school graduation, you will be considered a transfer student and become ineligible for freshman scholarships.

Do I have to reapply each year?

No. College Credit Plus (CCP), homeschool, and private school students will receive a Letter of Good Standing each February that can be used for your CCP application. Students who do not enroll in a course within three semesters of acceptance will need to reapply for admission.