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Dual Enrollment General FAQ

Application and Admission FAQs

Does Cedarville accept College Credit Plus (CCP) funding?

Yes! Cedarville accepts Ohio’s College Credit Plus (CCP) funding to cover the full cost of tuition and fees for most courses for public, private, and homeschooled students.

What are the requirements to participate in Dual Enrollment?

Dual-enrolled students must meet Cedarville’s undergraduate admission requirements.

What do you look for in an applicant?

Well-prepared applicants are typically making good progress toward completing their high school graduation requirements and have typically completed at least one high school credit in college preparatory English, math, science, and social studies.

What is “college preparatory” coursework?

College prep courses are standard high school courses and may include honors, AP, and IB courses. Remedial and middle school-level courses are not considered college preparatory. Advanced students who complete a college preparatory course before 9th grade (e.g., Algebra 1) may include these courses on their high school transcript.

Should I submit test scores?

Our Test Optional FAQ page may help you make this decision. Submitting scores may be helpful for dual-enrolled students who have not completed at least two years of high school coursework. Scores are required for students who plan to enroll in an English or math course.

My test scores are low. Should I submit them anyway?

Low scores may indicate that a student would benefit from completing more high school courses before taking university-level courses. Cedarville is a “test-optional” institution and submitted test scores are considered in the admission decision.

Which transcripts should I submit?

Cedarville requires a record of final grades for all courses taken in the last two academic years. This may include a high school transcript, an official or unofficial transcript from dual enrollment at another college or university, or report cards if the student has not completed two years of high school. Home-educated students may want to review our sample transcript.

Does my graduation date matter?

Please use your regular graduation date when applying to Dual Enrollment, even if you plan to graduate early. Your Dual Enrollment tuition discount eligibility ends when you have reached the graduation date given in the initial application.

“Super seniors” (fifth year high school students) may enroll as a nondegree-seeking student and pay the regular tuition rates. If you attempt more than 12 credit hours after high school graduation, you will be considered a transfer student for scholarships.

When will I have a decision about my application?

Decisions are typically made within 72 business hours. Notification is made by email. Letters of acceptance can be found in your student application portal. You may login and download a PDF copy. Cedarville does not mail acceptance letters.

Do I have to reapply each year?

No. College Credit Plus (CCP), homeschool, and private school students will receive a Letter of Good Standing each February that can be used for your CCP application. Students who do not enroll in a course within three semesters of acceptance will need to reapply for admission.

Course and Registration FAQs

What is the cost?

$185 per credit hour, plus the cost of any required textbooks and fees.

Is there a list of Dual Enrollment courses?

Yes! We offer many general education courses online. Local students may commute to campus, but course availability may be limited.

How many credit hours can I take in one semester?

There is no limit, however, it is best to start with one or two courses

May I take a college course if I have not yet taken a high school course in the same subject?

Our Dual Enrollment Advisors do not recommend this. College courses assume that a student has already completed high school-level coursework in the subject matter.

How do I choose and register for classes?

Accepted students must meet with a Dual Enrollment advisor in order to enroll in courses. Following your advising meeting, your advisor will assist you with registration. There is no self-service online registration system for Dual Enrollment students.

How do online classes work?

Our classes are asynchronous, meaning they aren’t live. You can log into our portal and complete coursework whenever it is convenient. Please keep in mind that our courses are not self-paced. There is homework due every week by certain days and times.

How much time should I plan to study?

A typical semester-long 3-credit hour course will require about eight-10 hours of study time per week. Successful students set aside time daily to interact with course material.

Is tutoring offered?

Yes! Tutoring is offered through The Cove and the Writing Center.

What if I decide to drop a course?

Before dropping a course, please talk with your Dual Enrollment advisor to ensure that you understand the financial and academic effects of doing so.

What if I am performing poorly in a course?

Grades earned through dual enrollment will impact your high school and college GPA. If you are not satisfied with your progress in a course, please seek assistance early from your professor or your Dual Enrollment advisor, who may suggest resources to help you succeed.

What courses will I need for my major?

You can view program requirements for Cedarville's majors and minors along with career opportunities associated with each program. You may also want to view Cedarville's current undergraduate academic course catalog.

General FAQs

What are the computer requirements?

Your computer must meet these basic minimum requirements, and you must have access to high-speed internet. Some tablets do not interface well with online courses.

How do I buy my textbooks?

You may purchase or rent books from the Cedarville University Campus Store online. You may also choose from the list of vendors on the store comparison tool to ensure that you use the exact ISBN of the textbooks listed for your course.

College Credit Plus (CCP) students attending public or private high schools should check with your high school guidance counselor before ordering books.

Is there an orientation day before class begins?

No. Students should complete the Dual Enrollment Orientation online.

Will credits transfer to other universities?

Transfer credit is determined by the accepting institution. Cedarville University is a four-year accredited university, so credits should have no difficulty transferring. You may want to check the specific requirements of the college(s) that you are considering.

What if my high school break is different from Cedarville University's break?

Students are expected to participate in their Cedarville University class according to the class calendar and complete assignments on time.