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ACCUPLACER Information

ACCUPLACER placement tests offer students the opportunity to meet English and mathematics proficiency requirements for entrance into Dual Enrollment or as a degree-seeking student at Cedarville.  We offer the WritePlacer test for English proficiency and the Next-Generation Quantitative Reasoning, Algebra, and Statistics test for mathematics proficiency.

To be eligible to take ACCUPLACER placement tests through Cedarville, prospective students must first complete the online portion of the application for admission to Cedarville (either Dual Enrollment or undergraduate). 

Things to Know About the ACCUPLACER Placement Tests

  • Each ACCUPLACER test voucher is valid for 90 days and requires a computer with high-speed internet access, camera, and photo ID for the remote proctoring.
  • There is no charge for the first ACCUPLACER in each subject; however, retaking an ACCUPLACER costs $25.00.  The payment will either be waived or taken during the registration process.
  • There is a 14-day waiting period if a student wants to re-take an ACCUPLACER.
  • The ACCUPLACER placement tests are remotely proctored, and, although they are not timed, they typically take 45 to 60 minutes.
  • Proficiency requirements are met with a score of 6 in the WritePlacer ACCUPLACER and a score of 250 in the Next-Generation Quantitative Reasoning, Algebra, and Statistics ACCUPLACER.
  • Test preparation information is available at CollegeBoard ACCUPLACER Practice website and CollegeBoard ACCUPLACER Sample Essays PDF.

Note that if you wish to take both placement tests, you will need to complete two registrations.
Allow three to five business days for processing ACCUPLACER voucher requests.

Advanced Placement Credit

High school students may receive advanced collegiate standing by participating in the advanced placement program. Up to 40 semester credits may be earned through this program or by other test-out procedures. Hours earned through the advanced placement program do not count as hours in residence toward graduation with honors.

To earn credit though advanced placement, students must enroll in specific advanced placement courses offered by their respective high schools. Upon completing these courses, students take individual advanced placement examinations in each advanced placement course. Students may earn college credit for advanced placement scores of three, four, or five. Students should request that scores from these examinations be sent directly to Cedarville University by entering code number 1151 on their registration forms. Upon receiving these scores the college awards the appropriate amount and type of credit for each examination as determined by each academic department. No fees, other than the fees accompanying the examinations, must be paid in order to receive the college credit. In some cases, sophomore standing in particular subject areas may be earned through these examinations. Students should contact their local high schools to obtain advanced placement course and registration information. Click on the button below to view more information about examination standards and course equivalents.

CLEP Test Information

The College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) allows students to earn college credit by passing examinations in subject areas in which they have already developed college-level knowledge and understanding.

ACT OnCampus Information

Formerly called the Residual ACT, the ACT OnCampus is an opportunity for prospective students to take an ACT on Cedarville University’s campus. While the format is the same as the national test with four sections (English, Mathematics, Reading, and Science), the scores for the ACT OnCampus can only be used here at Cedarville University. These scores cannot be sent to another organization/school and cannot be used for athletic eligibility purposes.

To be eligible to take the ACT OnCampus, prospective, students must first complete the online portion of the application for admission to Cedarville (either Dual Enrollment or undergraduate). They will not be permitted to take the exam without submitting their application.

Things to Know About the Act OnCampus

  • The cost for the exam is $85.00. Cash or check payment is collected on the day of testing. The fee is waived for Dual Enrollment students who have not previously taken an ACT or SAT.
  • Students must bring a photo ID with them on the day of the test (driver’s license, learner’s permit, passport, school ID, etc.). Without that ID, students will not be permitted to take the exam. If students do not have a photo ID, they can complete the student identification letter which is available on the ACT website. The student identification letter will be collected on the day of the exam.
  • Calculators are allowed for the mathematics section of the exam only. Please refer to the ACT website to make sure that your calculator is approved.