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General Study / Nondegree Courses

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Bible and Ministry

Course No.Course TitleCredits
Applied Theology
BTAT-6110Biblical Care and Counseling3
BTAT-6210Biblical Leadership3
BTAT-6310Ministry of Teaching and Preaching3
BTAT-6320The Church and God's Mission3
BTAT-6420Trinitarian Implications for Practical Ministry3
BTAT-6200Introduction to Missions3
BTAT-6220Personal Evangelism3
BTAT-6500Text-Driven Preaching 13
BTAT-6480Women’s Communication for Ministry3
BTAT-6300Teaching Ministry of the Church3
BTAT-6560Text-Driven Preaching 23
BTAT-6940Issues and Values in Ministry3
BTAT-6950Exegesis to Exposition3
Biblical Languages
BTBL-6510Intermediate Greek I3
BTBL-6110Greek Syntax and Exegesis3
BTBL-6610Elementary Hebrew 13
BTBL-6620Elementary Hebrew 23
BTBL-6630Hebrew Syntax and Exegesis3
Biblical Studies
BTBS-6020Biblical Research Methods1
Christian Ministry
BTCM-6530Contemporary Ministry to Women and Girls3
History and Theology
BTHT-6100Biblical Theology3
BTHT-6150Contemporary Theology in Historical Context3
BTHT-6340Christian Theology 1: Bible, Trinity, God the Father3
BTHT-6350Christian Theology 2: God the Son and God the Spirit3
BTHT-6360Christian Theology 3: Salvation, Humanity, and Angels3
BTHT-6370Christian Theology 4: Church and Last Things3
BTHT-6500Historical Theology3
BTHT-6600Church History3
BTHT-6740Biblical Theology of Womanhood3
BTHT-6300Global Theology3
New Testament
BTNT-6150Exposition of New Testament Book3
BTNT-6110New Testament 1: Synoptic Gospels3
BTNT-6120New Testament 2: Acts and New Testament Epistles3
BTNT-6130New Testament 3: Pauline Literature3
BTNT-6140New Testament 4: Johannine Literature3
Old Testament
BTOT-6150Exposition of Old Testament Book3
BTOT-6110Old Testament 1: Pentateuch3
BTOT-6120Old Testament 2: Former Prophets3
BTOT-6130Old Testament 3: Latter Prophets3
BTOT-6140Old Testament 4: Writings3
Bible and Theology — Philosophy and Apologetics
BTPA-6450Christian Apologetics3
BTPA-6250Philosophy of Religion3


Course No.Course TitleCredits
EDU-6000Learning Theory2
EDU-6100*History and Philosophy of Education2
EDU-6150Diversity and Social Issues in Education2
EDU-6300Models of Teaching2
EDU-6400Intervention Strategies and Techniques2
EDR-6000Linguistics and Language Development for Teachers3
EDR-6100Literacy Issues and Trends4
EDR-6200Diagnosis and Intervention in Reading3
EDR-6300Adolescent Reading: Theory and Practice3


Course No. Course Title Credits
NSG-6050 Professional Role Development and Healthcare Leadership 3
NSG-6060 Healthcare Economics and Policy 3
NSG-6070 Principles of Evidence Based Practice 3
NSG-6080* Biblical Foundations of Advanced Nursing Practice 3
PHAR-6111* Research Design and Methodology 3
PHAR-6112* Introduction to Self-Care 3
PHAR-6130* Medicinal Biochemistry 4
PHAR-6131* Pharmaceutical Sciences 5
PHAR-6136* Introduction to Bioethics 1
PHAR-6137* Immunology, Immunotherapy, and Pharmacogenomics 1
PHAR-6280* Health Behaviors and Beliefs 2


Course No.Course TitleCredits
MGMT-6710 Organizational Design and Behavior3
MGMT-6720Applied Leadership3
MGMT-6300 Project Management3
MRKT-6200Strategic Marketing Planning3