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Graduate student studies in coffee shop

General Study / Nondegree Graduate Students

Cedarville University offers graduate and adult students the opportunity to  apply for nondegree admission and enroll in general study or professional development courses. Students who would like to take a graduate course for enrichment, professional development, continuing education units (CEUs), to earn transfer credit for another graduate program, or who plan to be a part of one of our graduate certificate programs, should complete the general study/nondegree application.

Students seeking nondegree status and graduate credit must have a bachelor’s (or higher) degree and are admitted to the University, not to a specific degree-granting graduate program. For additional admission criteria, view the general study/nondegree admission requirements. Nondegree students may choose to change their status and enter into a formal degree program by satisfying a program’s admission requirements.

Apply now for nondegree admission.

View the available general study/nondegree courses.