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Graduate Admissions and Student Success
Cedarville University
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Graduate Admissions

Phone: 937-766-8000

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Graduate Admissions and Student Success

Photo of Jim Amstutz

Jim Amstutz, M.A.

Director of Graduate Admissions and Student Success

  • Location GTS 107
  • Phone 937-766-7878
  • Email Email
Photo of Amy Ervin

Amy Ervin

Graduate Enrollment Advisor

  • Location GTS 105
  • Phone 937-766-7462
  • Email Email
Photo of Alexis McKay

Alexis McKay

Graduate Enrollment Advisor

  • Location GTS 112
  • Phone 937-766-7411
  • Email Email
Photo of Sarah-Lizz Myers

Sarah-Lizz Myers

Enrollment Assistant

  • Location GTS 112
  • Phone 937-766-7477
  • Email Email
Photo of Dave Ormsbee

Dave Ormsbee, M.B.A.

Associate Director of Graduate and Pharmacy Admissions

  • Location HSC 253 D
  • Phone 937-766-7781
  • Email Email
Photo of Aimee Wallis

Aimee Wallis

Graduate Enrollment Advisor

  • Location GTS 104
  • Phone 937-766-7465
  • Email Email

Faculty Program Directors/Advisors

Photo of Jeff Bates

Jeff Bates, R.Ph., Pharm.D.

Associate Dean, Associate Professor of Pharmacy Practice

  • Location HSC 238 B
  • Phone 937-766-3016
  • Email Email
Photo of Melissa Beck

Melissa Beck, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences

  • Location HSC 119
  • Phone 937-766-7402
  • Email Email
Photo of John Delano

John Delano, Ph.D.

Associate Dean, School of Business Administration - M.B.A., Bus Admin Graduate Studies; Associate Professor of Information Technology Management

  • Location MIL 180
  • Phone 937-766-7917
  • Email Email
Photo of Kim Higginbotham

Kim Higginbotham, D.N.P., RN, APRN, CPNP

School of Nursing - M.S.N., Director of Graduate Programs, Assistant Professor of Nursing

  • Location HSC 318 A
  • Phone 937-766-3208
  • Email Email
Photo of Billy Marsh

Billy Marsh, Ph.D.

Director, MDiv Programs; Assistant Professor of Theology

  • Location BTS 242
  • Phone 937-766-6534
  • Email Email
Photo of Trent Rogers

Trent Rogers, Ph.D.

Dean, SBTS; Director, MMin Program; Assistant Professor of New Testament and Greek

  • Location BTS 255
  • Phone 937-766-6141
  • Email Email