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Melissa Beck

Melissa Beck, PhD

Associate Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences


Dr. Beck teaches Medicinal Biochemistry in the first professional year and toxicology topics throughout the first three professional years. Beyond Cedarville, she is involved with the Society for Birth Defects Research and Prevention.

Education and Credentials

  • PhD in Toxicology, University of Michigan
  • BS in Toxicology, Ashland University

Scholarly Works

  • Advancing Pharmacy Education by Moving From Sequenced "Integration" to True Curricular Integration (D. Sun, J. Kinney, A. Hintz, M. Beck, A.M.H. Chen) (2023)
  • Immunopathology of the Nervous System (A.K. Remick, M.L. Pershing, T.L. Papenfuss, L.G. Lanigan, M.J. Beck, J.D. Toot) (2017)
  • Phenotypic characterization of recessive gene knockout rat models of Parkinson’s disease (K.D. Dave, S. De Silva, N.P. Sheth, S. Ramboz, M.J. Beck, C. Quang, R.C. Switzer, 3rd, S.O. Ahmad, S.M. Sunkin, D. Walker, X. Cui, D.A. Fisher, A.M. McCoy, K. Gamber, X. Ding, M.S. Goldberg, S.A. Benkovic, M. Haupt, M.A. Baptista, B.K. Fiske, T.B. Sherer, M.A. Frasier) (2014)
  • Dietary administration of paraquat for 13 weeks does not result in a loss of dopaminergic neruons in the substantia nigra of C57BL/6J mice (D.J. Minnema, K.Z. Travis, C.B. Breckinridge, N.C. Sturgess, M. Butt, J.C. Wolf, D. Zadory, M.J. Beck, J.M. Mathews, M.O. Tisdel, A.R. Cook, P.A. Botham, L.L. Smith) (2014)
  • Characterization of the T-dependent antibody response (TDAR) to keyhole limpet hemocyanin (KLH) in the Gottingen minipig (V.L. Peachee, M.J. Smith, M.J. Beck, D.G. Stump, K.L. White, Jr.) (2013)
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  • I love to read, quilt, and spend time with my family

Why Cedarville?

I am excited to be a part of a Christ-centered university that is using new techniques to educate the next generation of professionals.