Advancing the Mission of Cedarville

Top Ten Reasons to Give to The Cedarville Fund

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  1. Your gifts of any size make an eternal difference!
  2. Nearly one-third of the dollars raised by the Cedarville Fund are distributed as student aid. Your gifts to the Cedarville Fund attract and retain academically talented and ministry-minded students.
  3. As alumni, thousands of donors helped you graduate from Cedarville. Student's tuition only covers a portion of the full cost to attend Cedarville. The Cedarville Fund closes that gap. Your gifts to the Cedarville Fund pay it forward.
  4. Cedarville is one of just a few Christian colleges that requires a Bible minor. Your Cedarville Fund contributions help make that happen.
  5. Cedarville also provides daily chapel. Very few Christian universities provide both daily chapel and require a Bible minor. Your gifts to the Cedarville Fund support those distinctive programs.
  6. Christian ministries are a signature element of the Cedarville experience. More than 1,000 students, faculty, and staff participate in local ministries and mission trips. Your gifts to the Cedarville Fund carry Christ's love "beyond the bubble."
  7. Cedarville Fund gifts support academic departments. Your gifts strengthen Cedarville's academic programs by providing needed resources.
  8. Third-parties, such as U.S. News and World Report and other college ranking agencies, view a university's giving history as an indicator of how alumni value their college experience. Prospective students and their parents often consider these rankings when selecting colleges. Your support of the Cedarville Fund maintains Cedarville's strong reputation and assists in recruiting top-notch students.
  9. Charitable foundations often base their level of support on percentage of alumni giving. Your gifts to the Cedarville Fund help Cedarville qualify for grants.
  10. Giving is a great way to back the Jackets, keep the dandelions off the grass, and say thanks to profs like Ed Spencer!