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A photo of professors Injeti, Rotello, and Veenstra (left to right) from the School of Pharmacy.

When Offered Free UV Ray Sanitizing, Students Didn't Choose Masks, They UV'ed Their Phones

Cedarville Pharmacy professors placed a UV sanitization station in their school, and found students used it to clean their phones.

The Health Sciences Center

Vaccine Hesitancy

Dayton Daily interviews two Cedarville professors about the relationship between vaccine hesitancy and misinformation.

Pharmacy student giving a vaccination to a mom while her little girl looks on

Experts Address COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy

Nearly 40% of Americans are likely not to get the COVID-19 vaccine. This tendency, labeled vaccine hesitancy, will be the subject of a podcast by Cedarville University’s Center for Pharmacy Innovation (CPI).
Cedarville University HSC

Researching Better Energy Drinks

Dayton Daily News covers a partnership between Cedarville University and a startup called CAHV Holdings as they work together to create a low-sugar energy drink.

Justin Cole, Assistant Pharmacy Professor smiling at the camera

New Cedarville Initiative Moving the Needle on Collaborative Health Care

Dayton Business Journal highlights an interview with Assistant Professor of Pharmacy, Justin Cole to discuss new pharmacy laws, entrepreneurship, and "disruptive innovation." 

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Center for Pharmacy Innovation Discusses OPA Partnership

Dean Sweeney, Dr. Cole, and Dr. Ernie Boyd of OPA discuss pharmacy practice, education, innovation, and the recent agreement with OPA.

Dr. Marc Sweeney, Dr. Ernie Boyd, and Dr. Justin Cole signing the memorandum of understanding between the Ohio Pharmacists Association and Cedarville's Center for Pharmacy Innovation.

Partnership Will Explore New Horizons for Pharmacists and Patients

The agreement will support the work of the Ohio Pharmacists Association and Cedarville's Center for Pharmacy Innovation.
Medella Labs insect repellant

School of Pharmacy Fighting Bugs -- the Six-Legged Kind

Analysis is helping determine the effectiveness of organic insect repellant.
Cedarville Pharmacy student in lab

Cedarville's Center for Pharmacy Innovation goes online

The School of Pharmacy's new Center for Pharmacy Innovation went live online March 1.
Phyllis and Dave Grauer with Cedarville student

New Center for Pharmacy Innovation seeded by donors

Phyllis and Dave Grauer have committed $250,000 to establish a Center for Pharmacy Innovation at Cedarville.
Health Sciences Center building

Cedarville University Lands $250K for Pharmacy Innovation Center


lady in white coat using syringe

University opens new pharmacy innovation center


Image of Cedar Lake

Trustees approve new graduate certificate, pharmacy center, and increased scholarships

Trustees make several decisions during fall meetings.
Generation Rx presentation

Pharmacy Students Talk Opioids at Youth Summit

School of Pharmacy's Generation Rx team takes opioid talk to Youth Leadership Summit
Generation Rx

Pharmacy Students Fight Opioid Epidemic

Pharmacy students aim to fight opioid addiction before it starts
Dr. Rocco Rotello working in a lab

All-Natural Energy Drink Contributes to Lung Function

For the past several months, Cedarville University’s School of Pharmacy Center for Pharmacy Innovation (CPI) has been conducting research for CAHV Holdings, a startup wellness company in West Chester, Ohio.
New research will make connection between provider interviews and healthcare choices.

Vaccinate: Yes or No? Research to Help Parents Decide

School of Pharmacy study will examine how motivational interviewing affects healthcare decisions.