Proclaim! International "All Out Tour" - March 20, 2023

Proclaim! International "All Out Tour"

March 20, 2023 from 12:00 p.m.

This Monday, Mar. 20 at noon in the Recital Hall, we will be privileged to host Proclaim! International on their "All Out Tour" which is designed to encourage and mobilize Christian musicians and artists for global impact.

They will have a large group on that tour (about 22 people) about half will be from Poland and Croatia - featuring the Kovacevic Brothers (super jazz and pop musicians) and also the front-men ministry leaders from the Belarusian band Spasenie, Pasha Shelpuk and Igor Muha. The majority of the group will be made up of our staff musicians, associates, and short-termers for a total of 16 musicians performing. The performances will be excellent and they will have some very well produced video reports from their tours this year to Poland, Croatia, Scotland and Peru.

They will be here to recruit young Christian musicians to come work with them for credited internships and expand their vision about possibilities to serve through music and the arts across the globe. They can probably have a total of 5-8 interns per year – so they are looking at possibly 1 or 2 from each school – a supplement to internship programs that may already be developed. Students will have a choice of three tours each summer and receive one-on-one mentoring in Evangelism/Missions, cross cultural experience, spiritual life and in their area of music focus. They can't cover every possibility but most instruments- keys, guitar, bass, saxes/woodwinds, brass, strings, drums and voice. Also technical areas: sound tech/engineering, recording, photography & videography.

This event is free and open to the public.

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