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The Cedarville logo is made up of three components: the "pillar" mark, the "Cedarville" wordmark, and the "University" descriptor. These components are always placed in a fixed relationship and should never be altered, modified, or reproduced in any way, other than that which is shown in this document. When reproducing the logo, use only the artwork supplied from the downloads section of this website.

To ensure the consistency necessary to build a recognizable identity, it is also critical that the Cedarville logo appear only in approved colors.

The Cedarville logo has two states, horizontal and vertical.

Horizonal Logo

Horizonal Logo

Vertical Logo

Vertical Logo

Although the primary Cedarville logo is made up of the three components mentioned above, there are cases where the wordmark is permissible to be used alone or with just the "university" descriptor.

Wordmark With Descriptor

Wordmark With Descriptor




Cedarville University holds a Certificate of U.S. Trademark Registration (No. 4063778) from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for this logo. The registration is valid until February 1, 2021 and will be renewed thereafter. The Cedarville name and visual elements are unique trademarks of Cedarville University. A copy of the certificate is available by contacting the Cedarville University Business Office.

To maintain the registration you must include the ® symbol. Failing to display the ® symbol may result in a cancelation of our registration.

The size of the ® symbol may change depending on the size of the logo being printed as long as the symbol is legible. It must always be located in the lower right-hand corner of the logo. The color of the ® symbol must match the color of the wordmark.



To ensure its integrity and visibility, the Cedarville logo should be kept clear of competing text, images, and graphics. It must be surrounded on all sides by an adequate amount of clearspace.

Clearspace Horizontal Logo

Clearspace Horizontal Logo

Clearspace Vertical Logo

Clearspace Vertical Logo

Tip: The empty margin surrounding the logo should be based off of the height and width of the capital letter "C" in "Cedarville."

Clearspace Vertical Logo


Minimum Size

The logo can be sized down to a minimum of 1". In situations where the logo is needed smaller than 1", the descriptor is dropped.

1 Inch Logo

Logo Don'ts

The Cedarville logo should never be modified, altered, or reproduced in any way. This following represents a sampling of improper usage of the logo. Please be sure to follow this guide carefully when applying the University logo to materials.

DO NOT add additional elements
to the logo.

Do not add additional elements

DO NOT extend the logo.

Do not extend

DO NOT condense the logo.

Do not condense

DO NOT alter the arrangement of the logo elements.

Do not alter the arrangement

DO NOT mix brand colors in the logo.

Do not mix brand colors

DO NOT use non-brand colors
for the logo.

Do not use non-brand colors

DO NOT re-create or change logo font.

Do not re-create or change font

DO NOT tilt or off-set the logo.

Do not tilt or off-set

DO NOT use the pillar or wordmark/descriptor in all gold.

Do not use all gold


Logo Color

The coloration of the Cedarville logo is an essential element in setting a recognizable look and feel for the identity. Consistent use of color enhances the strength of the identity. Due to budget and print method limitations, there are approved reasons to use the following alternative color variations. For specific information on color, please refer to the University Color Guide.

2-Color (spot or process)

Use this 2-color version when printing in full color (color copier/printer, CMYK offset press, etc.), or printing Pantone colors 130 and 2955 (offset press, screen printing, etc.). Use this logo also when presenting on screen (web, PowerPoint, video, etc.).



Use the black version of the logo when shading is not possible and/or color is not applicable (embossing, engraving, embroidery).


Grayscale (50 percent tint of sun)

Use the grayscale logo with tinted sun when printing in black where shading is possible (standard copier, black and white laser printer).

Grayscale with Tint

1-Color (spot)

Use the 1-color spot logo when printing in Pantone 2955 and shading is not possible (screen printing).


1-Color With Tint (spot, 40 percent tint of sun)

Use the tinted 1-color version when printing with Pantone 2955 and shading is possible (1-color offset press).

1-color with Tint

Logo on Background

The preferred background colors are Pantone 2955 (blue) and Pantone 130 (gold). Refer to the following guidelines when printing on light colored, dark colored, or photographic backgrounds.

Blue Background: Entire logo is reversed-out in white on blue field (PMS 2955), OR pillar and type are reversed-out in white on blue field (PMS 2955) while sun remains gold (PMS 130).

Blue Background

Gold Background: Entire logo is reversed-out in white on gold field (PMS 130), OR sun is reversed-out in white on gold field (PMS 130), while pillar and type remain blue (PMS 2955).

Gold Background

Alternate Color Background: Follow gold and blue background guidelines based on the brightness of the background color.

Colored Background

Photographic Background: On a photographic or textured background, the Cedarville logo can be used in color or reversed-out in white. The following examples show which colors look best on varying types of backgrounds. Because every image is different, be sure to choose a color with a strong contrast to the background. Place the logo in an area of the image that is not busy in order to enhance legibility.

DMC and Logo

SSC and Logo

BTS and Logo

The Cedarville logo should always be seen clearly and dramatically. When using the logo on imagery, always make sure that it is positioned away from any competing elements and stands out from the background color.

DMC and Bad Logo Position

SSC and Bad Logo Position

BTS adn Bad Logo Color