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Course-Section Inquiry for Spring Semester 2012

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 PYCH 1000 01Orient to PsychologyBurger, Amanda Jo1.0  LEC MIL130 W 03:00P-03:50P3031Full
 PYCH 1010 01Writing in APABurger, Amanda Jo1.0  LEC WI215 T 03:30P-04:20P2022Full
 PYCH 1020 01Graduate School & Career PrepBurger, Amanda Jo1.0  LEC WI215 M 03:00P-03:50P2024Full
 PYCH 1600 01General PsychologyFirmin, Michael W.3.0$5 LEC APP107 MWF 11:00A-11:50A100982
 PYCH 1600 02General PsychologyFirmin, Michael W.3.0$5 LEC APP107 MWF 12:00P-12:50P1008416
 PYCH 1800 01Cross-Cultural PsychologyFox, Cosette3.0  LEC MIL131 T 03:30P-06:00P301416
 PYCH 2600 01Human Dev: LifespanWu, Di3.0  LEC BTS201 MWF 09:00A-09:50A40391
 PYCH 2610 01StatisticsHwang, Chi-en3.0  LEC CAL209 MWF 09:00A-09:50A35341
 PYCH 2610 02StatisticsHwang, Chi-en3.0  LEC TYL202 MWF 12:00P-12:50P3537Full
 PYCH 2640 01Abnormal PsychologyBecknell, Milton E.3.0  LEC WI215 MWF 02:00P-02:50P2026Full
 PYCH 2725 01Child DevelopmentWu, Di2.0  LEC MIL103 MWF 01:00P-01:50P3031Full
 PYCH 2735 01Child-Adolescent DevelopmentWu, Di3.0  LEC MIL103 MWF 01:00P-01:50P3031Full
 PYCH 2840 01Concpt Chemical DependencyFurj-Kuhn, Julie A.3.0  LEC MIL132 TR 02:00P-03:15P2426Full
 PYCH 2840 02Concpt Chemical DependencyHenning, Nelson3.0  ONL TBATBA TBA TBA -
Dates: 01/23/12-05/04/12
 PYCH 3000 01AddictionsBurger, Amanda Jo3.0  LEC WI208 MWF 11:00A-11:50A20191
 PYCH 3380 01Health PsychologyBurger, Amanda Jo3.0  LEC WI215 TR 11:00A-12:15P30255
 PYCH 3420 01Human SexualityDolph, Charles D3.0  LEC CAL209 TR 11:00A-12:15P15141
 PYCH 3520 01Counseling and Mentoring WomenLopez, Shelley R.3.0  LEC BTS116 T 06:00P-08:50P2022Full
 PYCH 3610 01Hist/Systems PsychologyLowrie, Ruth Ella3.0  LEC WI215 TR 08:30A-09:45A2525Full
 PYCH 3620 01Psychology and ChristianityTse, Luke3.0  LEC MIL110 TR 11:00A-12:15P20173
 PYCH 3650 01Learning & MemoryLowrie, Ruth Ella3.0  LEC WI215 MWF 11:00A-11:50A3034Full
 PYCH 3660 01Professional CounselingTse, Luke3.0  LEC WI215 MWF 12:00P-12:50P2525Full
 PYCH 3670 01Group DynamicsTse, Luke3.0  LEC WI215 MWF 01:00P-01:50P1214Full
 PYCH 3680 01Counseling Couples & FamiliesTse, Luke3.0  LEC TYL102 TR 12:30P-01:45P1517Full
 PYCH 3690 01Social PsychologyDolph, Charles D3.0  LEC TYL204 MWF 11:00A-11:50A35341
 PYCH 3701 01Counseling AdolescentsLowrie, Ruth Ella3.0  LEC MIL131 M 06:30P-09:00P1516Full
 PYCH 3720 01Psych of PersonalityBecknell, Milton E.3.0$5 LEC WI215 MWF 09:00A-09:50A2023Full
 PYCH 3730 01Research MethodsWu, Di3.0$5 LEC APP119 TR 12:30P-01:45P20182
 PYCH 3900 01Physiological PsychologyFox, Cosette3.0$10 LEC WI215 T 06:30P-09:00P25241
 PYCH 4640 01Psych Comprehensive ReviewDolph, Charles D3.0$20 SPI TBATBA TBA TBA - 25520
 PYCH 4650 01Topic: GriefLowrie, Ruth Ella3.0  LEC WI208 MWF 02:00P-02:50P1515Full
 PYCH 4950 01Psychology ThesisHwang, Chi-en3.0$20 LEC TYL102 MWF 01:00P-01:50P1215Full
 PYCH 4990 01Internship-PsychologyDolph, Charles D1.0-9.0$20 ILB WI219 TR 08:30A-09:45AInstructor Approval Required

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