One Thousand Days Transformed - The Campaign for Cedarville

Q. What type of dorm supervision will be provided?

A. Camp staff provide supervision in each section of the residence hall. The staff are available to offer guidance and direction to each camper.

Q. What is the number permissible in a residence hall room?

A. Only 2 campers per room. Campers are only in their rooms for sleep time. All rooms hold only 2 people.

Q. How are roommates decided for campers?

A. We do our best to honor roommate requests (campers have to request each other to be roomed together) first, then we try to group ages together.

Q. Are campers busy all day long?

A. The schedule for camp is rigorous but also allows for time to relax and get to know other campers. A typical day will begin at 8:30 a.m. and ends with devotions at 9:00 p.m.

Q. Can my child bring a bicycle, electronic games or a CD player?

A. No, those items are not allowed. Campers have a full schedule, and those items are not needed. Additionally, this rule alleviates any concern about those items being misplaced or broken.

Q. Can my child call home?

A. Yes, campers are more than welcome to bring their cell phones with them.

Q. My child is involved in summer sports and will have games during camp week. May my child leave for those games?

A. Yes, but a permission slip signed by the parent needs to be given to their counselor at the beginning of the week and needs to state when these games will take place and when they will be back.

Q. Are there times when I can come to see my child participate?

A. Yes, games are incorporated into each camp schedule and you are welcome to come watch. You will be given a schedule on the first day of camp.

Q. Should my child bring money?

A. A camp bank will be available on registration day. All money should be put into the camp bank. A concession is provided each day for snacks, pizza, team merchandise, etc.

Q. If a camper comes early to camp or has to stay later after camp can they stay in the dorms?

A. No, you are responsible for arrangements & lodging if arriving early or staying past the scheduled end time of camp.

Still have questions? Call 937-766-3050 or email us.