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Cedarville Insights provides answers to your pressing questions about Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint, as well as college undergraduate and graduate programs, theological and philosophical questions, and general purpose information.

Clear Saved Passwords (Remember Me) in Browsers

  When you log in to a specific website, sometimes your web browser will ask if you want it to remember the password for that site, or it may say "Remember me?" meaning "Do you want this site to hold on to your login credentials?" If you click for the browser to remember your password or to remember you, the browser will store your login information and autofill the login fields each time you go to access that specific site. Warning! Information technology strongly recommends that you do...
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How to Extract Files from a Zipped (Compressed) Folder

  You can identify compressed files by the file extension (.zip) and a zipper on the folder icon. Note: If the zipped folder is attached in an email, you must first save the zipped file to your computer before you can extract it. Extract/Unzip Zipped Files When you extract files from a zipped folder, a new folder with the same name is created which contains the files. The compressed (zipped) version also remains. Right-click the zipped folder saved to your computer.  Choose ...
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Windows: How to Zip (Compress) Multiple Files

Microsoft Windows provides a utility that allows you to zip multiple files into a single compressed file format. This is especially helpful if you are emailing files as attachments or if you need to conserve space (zipping files can reduce file size by up to 50%).

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How Important Is a Pharmacy Residency?

As pharmacy students near the end of their professional education, they begin to ask themselves a question: Should I pursue a postgraduation residency? For those who want to pursue more clinical work in a hospital setting, clinics, or a specialized setting, the answer is unequivocally yes. A pharmacy residency allows you to apply the knowledge and skills you've learned in school to real patients, situations, and settings. You will also be exposed to different facets of practice and learn about...
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How to Choose a Pharmacy School

In 2019, Fehbe Meza of Blueprint Test Prep penned a blog post outlining top considerations when choosing a pharmacy school. In it, she offered seven criteria that prospective pharmacy students should carefully consider to ensure they choose the program that fits them best. At the Cedarville University School of Pharmacy, we are pleased to meet, and even exceed, each of the author’s criteria. Here’s how: Compare Curriculums Cedarville’s School of Pharmacy affords students a student-focused...
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How to Repeat Excel Spreadsheet Column Headings at Top of Page

Use this feature if you would like a title row (or rows) to print at the top of every page of your data in Excel.Note:If you want column headings to remain at the top of your sheet when scrolling within a spreadsheet, you will need to freeze the top row.Click the [Page Layout] tab > In the "Page Setup" group, click [Print Titles].Under the [Sheet] tab, in the "Rows to repeat at top" field, click the spreadsheet icon.Click and select the row you wish to appear at the top of every page.Press...
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How to Find Clip Art in Word

Each version of Microsoft Word below has slightly different steps for finding and inserting clip art. Follow the instructions for the Microsoft Word version you currently use. For Word 2016 and 2013: Open the Word where you would like to insert the clip art. Click the [Insert] tab > From the "Illustrations" group, click [Online Pictures]. A pop-up will appear allowing you to search or Bing. In one of the search boxes, type a keyword for the clip art you would like to...
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How to Import Excel Data into a Word Table

This help page will show you how to import data from Excel into a Microsoft Word table. Open a new or existing document in Microsoft Word. Click the "Insert" tab > Locate the "Tables" group. Select the "Table" icon > Choose the "Insert Table..." option. Set the "Number of columns," "Number of rows," and "AutoFit behavior" to your desired specifications > Click [OK]. Open the Excel file and use your mouse to select the data you wish to import. Right-click on the...
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Clear the Primary Calendar in Google Calendar

It isn’t possible to delete your primary calendar. However, you can clear the calendar of all events if you would ever want to start from scratch. To do so, follow these steps to clear your primary calendar’s events: Clear your Primary Calendar Events Log in to your Google Calendar. In the upper-right corner, click the "Settings' icon (gear-shaped gadget) > Select "Settings". From the side-panel, click the drop-down arrow beside the primary calendar you wish to clear from the ...
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Install Microsoft Access 2016 on a University Computer

Microsoft Access is not installed on University computers by default. If you would like to use the Microsoft Access database program, please submit an Information Technology request.

Once you have received notification that you have been added to the Access group, please use these instructions to install and launch Microsoft Access (Access 2013 instructions are displayed because Office 2013 is available by default on all classroom and lab computers).

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