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Future Success Depends on Innovation

Future Success Depends on Innovation

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According to a McKinsey survey of top executives, 84% acknowledged that the future success of their companies will depend on innovation. That makes sense if you accept the most basic definitions of innovation: the activity of new ideas, products, and processes. 

The problems that businesses, startups, sole proprietors, corporations, ministries, educational institutions all face is that problems have become more complex and the timelines to address change is shorter than ever. Entities are now challenged to disrupt themselves before an outside force does, and this takes focused, active, and well-disciplined innovation practice.

The need for advanced education in innovation and creative problem-solving has never been greater.

If you want to prepare to be a game-changer or difference maker in your field, Cedarville University’s online  Master of Arts in innovation degree program will equip you with the knowledge and practical hands-on skills to be among those who will lead the way in enacting real change through creative ideas. And, with a biblical foundation in every course, pursuing a Christian   master’s in innovation from Cedarville will help you recognize God as the Master Creator and the author of all creativity.

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