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5 Tips to Avoid Burnout as a Christian Pharmacist

By Jeff Bates, Pharm.D.

Dr. Jeff Bates

I’m a workaholic. I recently played golf, and it took me three holes to stop feeling guilty about being out on the golf course on a gorgeous Saturday afternoon. But I need time away from work to avoid becoming burned out, just like you do. For me, though, the key to avoiding burn out is maintaining a healthy, godly perspective of my work.

I'd like to share 5 tips that I have used to help avoid burnout as a Christian pharmacist.

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When Missions Align: Cedarville and GMHC

Cedarville University is equipping healthcare professionals who bring outstanding skill and compassionate care into their practice for Kingdom impact. This focus finds a partner in the Global Missions Health Conference (GMHC), which more than 100 Cedarville students attend annually. The conference inspires and informs Cedarville students about God's missional work around the world and the myriad of opportunities to use a healthcare profession as a platform for Gospel ministry.

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