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Top 5 Reasons to Choose a Christian Graduate School

Top 5 Reasons to Choose a Christian Graduate School

Pharmacy graduate student in the lab.

There are a lot of good options for graduate schools. As a Christ-follower, is it that important to choose a Christian university? Shouldn’t fields like business, nursing, pharmacy be the same anywhere? Turns out, they are not.

Here are 5 reasons to consider a Christian university for graduate school:

  1. Grow Spiritually as You Learn – At a truly Christian university, your faith will be encouraged, not undermined. As you are growing in knowledge and skills to advance in your field, you’ll also grow closer to God as you are pointed to Him and His Word as the source of all truth. Everything you do will be built on the foundation of Scripture.
  2. Learn Through a Lens of Biblical Integration and a Christian Worldview – Every course, regardless of program, will be taught from a distinct Christian worldview and have biblical principles integrated throughout. You will learn to see every person as an image-bearer of God and establish His Word as the answer for any ethical dilemma.
  3. See Your Career With an Eternal Perspective and Servant Mindset – You will see your career as an opportunity to serve God and His people, not just a way to earn material success. You will learn to approach every task as an opportunity to glorify God and make a Kingdom impact.
  4. Build a Network of Like-Minded Professionals – Your classmates will share your faith, and you’ll feel the freedom to openly talk about what you believe in class discussions. You will be surrounded by like-minded believers who will become lifelong friends and professional contacts.
  5. Be Equipped and Mentored by Godly Professors – As well as being highly credentialed, your professors will be godly men and women who care about you as a person. More than just wanting you to pass a class or earn a grade, they will strive to equip you to use your vocation for a Gospel purpose.

You have many choices for graduate school, and where you choose matters!

The Graduate School at Cedarville University offers distinctly Christian graduate programs in business, innovation, leadership, ministry, nursing, PA studies, pharmacy, and worship. Learn more and request information at

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