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Top 5 Reasons to Choose a Christian Graduate School

Pharmacy graduate student in the lab.

There are a lot of good options for graduate schools. As a Christ-follower, is it that important to choose a Christian university? Shouldn’t fields like business, nursing, pharmacy be the same anywhere? Turns out, they are not.

Learn 5 reasons to consider a Christian university for graduate school.

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Did You Know? Facts About Master's Degrees

Group of graduates facing the stageDid you know that jobs that require a master’s degree at an entry-level are projected to grow by 15% between 2019 to 2029? Or that nearly 2/3 of students finishing a baccalaureate degree plan to complete a master’s degree? How about that nearly 1/4 of master's degree recipients in 2018-19 were underrepresented minorities, giving them a critical pathway to job security and higher pay?

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Shortage of Clergy Coming?

Man standing in front of small group studyWe are living in challenging times. We have endured two years of a global pandemic, which has led to millions of deaths worldwide. We have experienced political and financial uncertainty in our nation. We have witnessed increased violence in our largest cities and now watch in horror at the loss of innocent lives in Ukraine. The world needs the message of hope found only in the Gospel. 

These challenging times provide opportunities for theologically trained, ministry-equipped individuals to make a difference in people's lives. Ministry leaders and pastors are desperately needed right now. 

Unfortunately, it is also a time when, according to a recent Relevant article, there is a shortage of clergy coming. The article cites an October study from the Barna group that found that 38% of pastors were at least considering leaving full-time ministry. The concern is even higher for Millennial pastors; around 50 percent of them are considering quitting. 

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What Is the Ontological Argument?

There are many arguments for the existence of God. Perhaps one of the most famous — and most often misunderstood — is the ontological argument. Dr. J.R. Gilhooly, Assistant Professor of Theology at Cedarville University, explains this argument in the video below. Unlike most arguments that start with an observation about the world and work back to a Creator, the ontological argument starts with the idea that based on the meaning of the word “God,” there has to be a God. There are many ways...
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How Can I Share the Gospel With a Muslim?

For many Christians, sharing their faith with a Muslim friend or acquaintance can be intimidating. In the video below, Dr. Matt Bennett, Assistant Professor of Missions and Theology at Cedarville University, shares 4 tips to follow when sharing the Gospel with someone from the Muslim faith. Pray for opportunities; the more you pray, the more opportunities you’ll discover! Present Jesus as the One who was anticipated by the prophets and the One to whom all other prophets point Use the...
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Is a Master of Ministry Really Necessary? 3 Arguments Debunked

Is there value in pursuing further education in ministry? Is it worth the time and cost? Below we’ll look at three common arguments against starting graduate school in ministry, and discover why they just don’t hold up. “I’ll just learn as I go.” You will never be able to take the people you serve beyond where you have been. Apologetics, biblical theology, the nature of the church. These and many more are all things that people need to understand. You can’t teach what you don’t know. The...
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