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How Can I Share the Gospel With a Muslim?

How Can I Share the Gospel With a Muslim?

For many Christians, sharing their faith with a Muslim friend or acquaintance can be intimidating. In the video below, Dr. Matt Bennett, Assistant Professor of Missions and Theology at Cedarville University, shares 4 tips to follow when sharing the Gospel with someone from the Muslim faith.

  1. Pray for opportunities; the more you pray, the more opportunities you’ll discover!
  2. Present Jesus as the One who was anticipated by the prophets and the One to whom all other prophets point
  3. Use the book of Hebrews to show why Jesus’ death and resurrection fits the expectation of the Old Testament
  4. Invite your Muslim friend to study Scripture with you; sharing the Gospel is best done in relationships

Above all, remember, winning an argument is not the same as winning someone to Christ. Watch the video below for more from Dr. Bennett.

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