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Academic Freedom

Cedarville University is committed to the pursuit of truth and holds that the search can be made within the framework of Scripture. It holds that truth can be pursued and accepted within a moral dimension. It is the duty of faculty members to discuss course material as fully and fairly as possible. A faculty member is free to examine and discuss with students different points of view relative to the subject matter involved, but in the teaching role a faculty member may not advocate a position contrary to the University’s doctrinal statement or standards of conduct which are annually affirmed. Controversial matters not pertaining to the academic discipline of a given faculty member is not appropriate material to introduce in the classroom.

The faculty member is entitled to freedom of research and publication in his discipline. It is a faculty member’s obligation not to abuse this position to the detriment of the University in published materials.

A faculty member is entitled to the freedom of community life accorded to any responsible citizen. The University encourages productive community activities and affirms the faculty member’s freedom of speech in community life to which each citizen is entitled. It does not allow a faculty member to speak in an official capacity as a representative of the University unless he/she is specifically authorized to do so by administrative or trustee action. Faculty members should keep in mind at all times that even though they have a freedom of citizenship, they also have a continuing obligation as members of the teaching profession and as faculty members of Cedarville University. Finally, the administration and the trustees will give faculty members appropriate support against unfair and/or unwarranted attacks, as befitting an institution committed to the well-being of its community of scholars.

From the Faculty Handbook section 2.120.1