Audition Information

Do you have a strong desire to present God's truth through music, have a love for ministry, and are skilled musically? HeartSong may be the ministry for you!

HeartSong Ministries selects, equips, and sends out music teams for Cedarville University. The teams develop and maintain relationships for the University by providing music programs for external and internal settings.

We have four teams comprised of the following members:

  • vocalists
  • keyboard player
  • guitarists
  • drummer
  • bass
  • media specialist

We travel weekends during the school year and have a 10-week summer commitment. All the teams present a variety of worship music that blends contemporary and traditional styles along with testimonies, Scripture, and congregational songs. We desire to serve and are flexible in adjusting each program to fit every individual ministry opportunity.

When are HeartSong auditions?

Auditions for HeartSong will take place at the beginning of each academic year. Those who are interested can sign up for an audition during the Getting Started Weekend at the beginning of the school year. Students will receive emails with detailed information during Getting Started Weekend. Auditions will begin on the first Sunday afternoon of Getting Started and run through the following Wednesday evening. Final team selections will posted at the end of that week.

How should I prepare for HeartSong auditions?


  • Come with a prepared solo.
  • We may check your vocal range and do sight-reading.


  • Keyboard, violin, cello, acoustic guitar
  • Come with a prepared solo.
  • You may be asked to sing.

Percussion, Electric, and Bass

  • Come prepared to play with other instruments. Preselected songs and lead sheets will be provided during the audition.

Sound technician

  • You should have experience mixing live sound. Sign up for an audition and bring your completed application.

We do not specify the type or genre of song with which to audition. However, here are a few guidelines to help you decide:

  • Choose a song which you feel you can really communicate. While we do listen intently to the music, we also want to see how well people communicate their song.
  • You may want to listen to song clips from our recent HeartSong CD. That will give you an idea of what type of music HeartSong does. Visit the HeartSong site for song clips.
  • While you may sing a capella, it would be best to use either an accompaniment track or live accompaniment. We do not provide someone to play for you, but you can ask around on campus and you should find plenty of people that could accompany you.

What level of commitment is required of a music team member?

Each student who makes a music team agrees:

  • to obey the rules and regulations of Cedarville University and the Christian Ministries Division.
  • to have all aspects of programming learned by due dates.
  • to attend all rehearsals (six hours per week average), on-campus performances, school-year tours (nine weekends), and summer tour (10-week commitment).
  • to maintain a minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA (library study hours will be required of all freshmen and upperclassmen with a GPA below 2.5).
  • to not use touring as an excuse for missing chapel, classes, or assignments.
  • to pay for any outfits purchased by the University should a team member leave or be removed from a team.
  • that all materials produced in association/cooperation with the Christian Ministries Division are the sole properties of Cedarville University.
  • that failure to fulfill team member responsibilities may result in removal from a team.
  • that if a team member is removed from a team, he or she will be given a salary proportionate to the amount of time spent on a team.
  • to make this music team ministry a top priority.

Do you have recordings available?

Each year we release a new HeartSong album. To order online, visit the Heartsong Online Store.