One Thousand Days Transformed - The Campaign for Cedarville

by Olivia Stipe, Student Public Relations Writer

In Mansfield, Ohio, the 179th wing of the Air National Guard is being converted into the first cyberspace wing in the Air National Guard, positioned specifically to defend against cyber threats to national security. In the midst of this cutting-edge program are three Cedarville University cyber operations students, senior Ben Lamoreaux, his brother, sophomore David Lamoreaux and junior David Reid.   David (left) and Ben Lamoreaux at Cedarville Veteran’s Day Chapel.

These cyber operations students are involved in the Air Force’s cybersecurity initiatives in different capacities. Reid serves as a cadet in the Auxiliary, while the Lamoreaux brothers serve in the Air National Guard.  

Early this summer, Reid gave a presentation at the 179th to other cadets emphasizing the importance of integrity and character within the military.  

“The biggest threat to the U.S. in terms of its cyber exposure is the insider threat. You want your people to have character and be trustworthy,” said Reid. “Especially in the military world, you’re going to have to make some stressful decisions. You need to maintain your honor and remain trustworthy.”  

The values that Reid holds strongly to in his auxiliary service strongly reflect the core values of Cedarville University, “excellence in effort” and “integrity in conduct.” Reid believes that Cedarville’s emphasis on character prepared him for his career. The academic rigor of Cedarville programs is giving him the technical skills that he needs to succeed, and the culture of Cedarville is giving him the integrity he needs to stand out.  


The same goes for Ben and David Lamoreaux, who attribute a lot of their success in the National Guard to the academic rigor and strong values of Cedarville’s cybersecurity program. They are both Cedarville students while serving in the Air National Guard. Their commitment includes basic training and part-time military service, while being on reserve in case of a crisis. They serve one weekend a month as well as training every summer, which allows them to go to school full-time. The brothers will serve in this part-time capacity for six years, with the condition of emergency activation.  

“Being at Cedarville while in the Guard has helped me get ahead compared to other people I work with,” said Ben Lamoreaux. “The academic rigor of the cyber program has helped me get ahead, and people notice that.” 

Both brothers value integrity and excellence through their commitment to the National Guard and their studies. They have used the National Guard as a way to fund their education, but it has also caused some delays in their studies. Because of their service and different training, the four-year cyber operations program will take them both about six years to complete, but both brothers see it as an opportunity to build character.  

“It’s delayed gratification,” said David Lamoreaux, “but it’s giving me patience and character.”  

The Lamoreauxs have chosen a different route than many others in cybersecurity. While many people opt for working at private firms to follow the money of a potentially lucrative career, they chose to use their knowledge to serve their country. “They’re not doing it for the money, they’re doing it for the mission.” said Reid.  

Located in southwest Ohio, Cedarville University is an accredited, Christ-centered, Baptist institution with an enrollment of 5,456 undergraduate, graduate, and dual-enrolled high school students in more than 175 areas of study, including a Bachelor of Science in Cyber Operations. Founded in 1887, Cedarville is one of the largest private universities in Ohio, recognized nationally for its authentic Christian community, rigorous academic programs, high graduation and retention rates, accredited professional and health science offerings, and the #4 national ranking by the Wall Street Journal for student engagement. For more information about the University, visit  

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