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Understanding Financial Activity

Sometimes it is confusing to know what tool to use when you are managing a budget. There are three forms you can use for Accounting and Finance transactions. They are: a Purchase Requisition, a Budget Transfer, or a Inter-Departmental Charge Form (ICF).

When Should I use the Purchase Requisition From and where is it located?

A: Use this to requisition charges for payment by Accounts Payable. To access, please use this Requisition Form.

When should I use the Budget Transfer form and where is it located?

A: Use this to transfer budgeted Fund 1 department funds for temporary or permanent purposes. To access, please use this Budget Transfer Form

When should I use the Inter-Department Charge Form (ICF) and where is it located?

A: Used this to transfer charges within a department or from one department to another. To access, visit CedarInfo online and click the Interdepartmental Charge Form (ICF) link under the Financial Transactions heading.

Please contact our office If you have further questions about these forms.

After using one of the three forms above you can see activity on the general ledger. There are five different numbering combination for entries. See the chart below for further explanation and contact information for questions.

Entry NumberType of EntryContactExtension
J + 6 digit #
6 digit # - 3 digit #
Journal EntryAccounting and Finance7820
A + 00000 + 4 digit #Cashier DepositCashiers7825
V + 7 digit #Account Payable ChargeAccounts Payable7831
B + 00 + 4 digit #Budget TransactionsAVP for Finance
F + 000 + 6 digit #Financial Aid TransactionsFinancial Aid

General Ledger Status

Update: 2015-02.04